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I just came across this and have some pretty basic questions. I want to say what I think this is and wonder if somebody can disabuse me of any unwarranted assumptions.

this program, basically, allows the user to create an install cd/dvd, for xp, based on the windows install disk plus the current system setup.

Does this mean that program reads my current installation and grabs all the existing drivers, updates, etc. (excluding service packs, non os programs, etc)

After installation does the user have access to the serial number (allows serial number changes easily?)

Any other thought would also be appreciated. I was not sure where to put this as it involves both the os and the program itself.

Thank you.........

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This is where you should have posted -


No, it does not do any of that. You provide the original, unaltered cd and select the drivers, updates, etc, from your own "trove". It collects nothing from the running system.

See the following -




SATA drivers are a different subject (SATA/AHCI mode). Other drivers are bases upon your other hardware.

Nlite is not a mystically "press a button, all done" application.


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