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Looking for a VBS script to generate MD5 of a file

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Got a look at it. Can't say for sure the rest of it is good, but the MD5 part looks relatively standard coding. If there's much appreciable difference from different good implementations (i.e. nothing completely stupid is done), it's probably going to be from the degree of quality of the assembler/compiler used (best being full ASM of course). To that end, I do notice a small speed overhead from UPX-packed executables, so what you'll end up with will be *slightly* faster if it's not UPX-compressed.

See if this is of use:


Gilles Vollant made some tests some time ago (experimenting with Win 64):



And possibly this :unsure: (this should be "pure" assembler)


which seems written NOT with "speed", but rather with "size" in mind, but maybe still worth a try.

See also this:



and this:



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Thanks for the references. The more I look at it, the more it looks like that I need to just write more of the main part in assembler (if I can). Meantime, I got other things I need to get done (like yesterday, I got something that will compare a folder of files against a text file list (like a WUD UL or one from my downloader) and point out the files that don't exist in the text file list. Basically a "get rid of all the old patch files" function.).

Thanks again for the help and hope what was posted here was useful to those that downloaded them.

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