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Asus P5QL PRO sata question....


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I have a Asus P5QL PRO motherboard, i have downloaded the sata driver from the website, its a exe file, so i extracted the exe and went to the folder that i think is the driver folder, it had 2 inf files in the same folder, so i was not sure what one to chouse to add the sata drivers to my slipstream xp install, each time i test each inf file it gives me the correct driver i want info in the window, but when i open up each of the inf files with notepad, they are different, so my question is, how do i know what inf to use, and on another note, on the web i read alot of people saying that you can just install xp on a ide drive to initially setup xp os on a sata mb, then after install just run the software disc that came with the motherboard, then connect your sata drives, then go into bios and enable the drives and select AHCI, would that not work instead of slipstreaming the sata drivers to the xp install disc ? or would that not work, cheers

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Right here is the 2 inf files pasted here, so what one to use please.



; Copyright © 2006. Marvell International Ltd.


; INF for Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows Vista




Signature = "$Windows NT$"







mv61xx.Files.x86_11 = 12

DefaultDestDir = 12
















CopyFiles = mv61xx.Files.x86_11,

CopyINF = mvnodrv.inf,

AddReg = mv61xx_Registry_Update,

; ******** Change disk time out value from default 10s to 60s ********




AddService = mv61xx,0x00000002,mv61xx_Service_Instx86, mv61xx_EventLog_Inst





ServiceBinary = %12%\mv61xx.sys

LoadOrderGroup = "SCSI Miniport"

AddReg = pnpsafe_pci_addreg

; ******** Uninstall section ********


DelFiles = mv61xx.DelFiles


DelService = mv61xx



; **********************************




AddReg = mv61xx_EventLog_Inst.AddReg





HKR, Parameters\PnpInterface, 5, 0x00010001, 0x00000001

HKR, "Parameters\Device", "NumberOfRequests", 0x00010001, 0x00000020

HKR, Parameters, PerformanceMode, 0x00010001, 0x00000000


; *******Localizable Strings*******

Marvell= "Marvell Inc."

Desc_x860= "Marvell Inc. RAID driver"

mv61xxDesc= "Marvell 61xx RAID Controller"

; *******Non Localizable Strings*******











REG_EXPAND_SZ = 0x00020000

REG_DWORD = 0x00010001





; Copyright © 2006. Marvell International Ltd.


; INF for Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows Vista




Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"









;ExcludeFromSelect = *




%Virtual.DeviceDesc% = NODRV,SCSI\ArrayMARVELL_Virtual_Device__


%Virtual.DeviceDesc% = NODRV,SCSI\ArrayMARVELL_Virtual_Device__





Marvell= "Marvell Inc."

Virtual.DeviceDesc= "Marvell Virtual Device"


;Handy macro substitutions (non-localizable)


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First the drivers you choose to download aren't the right one for ahci.

As the specification from the MB say:


6 xSATA 3 Gb/s ports

Marvell® 6121 and 6111 SATA controller

1 xUltraDMA 133/100/66/33 for up to 2 PATA devices

Second you only need ahci in particular case to improve a little the speed of some drives (for example ahci is useful for ssd) but most likely you won't see a difference between ide mode and ahci mode for the real world applications if you don't use a ssd. Your motherboard manual will explain how to set ide mode in bios (page 77 chap 4.3.5 of the english manual).

In case you need to use ahci, you'll have to slipstream intel ahci drivers for ICH10 (the south bridge of the MB). There plenty of examples here to help slipstreaming properly the driver.

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Thx for reply, i am very new to this sort of thing, but i went to asus website and put my model number in, and it pointed to the above sata drivers, and when i went to marvel website, it also said these were the right sata drivers for my motherboard, so where would i get the right sata drivers from ? and surely if im useing sata drives i would not want to use ide in bios surely, as sata is alot faster than ide. cheers

so ahci has nothing to do with sata drivers then ?

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Second you only need ahci in particular case to improve a little the speed of some drives (for example ahci is useful for ssd) but most likely you won't see a difference between ide mode and ahci mode for the real world applications if you don't use a ssd.

Not really-really, with hard disk drives, NCQ does make a very noticeable difference (of course IF the hard disk drives have NCQ):


For the record, though tricky, it is possible to install AHCI drivers later:


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A benchmark with ssd that support NCQ (and use it more that a hard can): http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=505&Itemid=38&limit=1&limitstart=3

The right drivers for ahci for ich10 are there. These aren't the lastest but as i remember, these are the lastest to support XP properly.

For manualy integrate the ahci driver to your XP (from your other topic) you might try to follow this method.

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Thx for reply again, but am i correct with the sata drivers ? above, i mean i still need to install sata driver to xp disc so that it can boot from a sata drive on xp, oh and cant i just use the acpi drivers on my motherboards asus download site, or the achi drivers on my motherboards install disc ? or is that only if installing windows 7 or vista ? cheers

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Im so confused about this, do i add my asus motherboard sata drivers to xp slipstream or not, or is the intel ahci drivers the same thing ? or do i add both sets of drivers, what really confuses me is, that my motherboars manual does not mention anything about installing ahci or sata drivers before installing windows xp, it just says put the disc that came with the motherboard in drive and run and that will install all the drivers for everything, or am i missing something here ? cheers

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Well, I know it's confusing.

The best approach (easier) will be that of integrating the drivers in your XP, #2 below.

There are FOUR ways:

  1. use a "F6" floppy <- this used to be the easiest when floppy were common in PC's, nowadays the issue is that you need to have an USB floppy or create a "special" USB stick
  2. integrate the drivers <- manually or through nlite I would rate this the simplest
  3. integrate the drivers pack <- relatively easy as above but the size of the CD will grow
  4. install in IDE emulation mode and later add the AHCI drivers

There is not actuall differences between "IDE" (which is actually ATA) and SATA, SATA means Serial Ata, whilst older models with parallel interface are sometimes called PATA, but both "PATA" and SATA are the same thing, SATA may additionally support AHCI, i.e. you may have SATA without AHCI but not AHCI without SATA.

In practice the terms SATA and AHCI became synonims.

From what I can see from the support page of the motherboard you mention:


The file provided is this one:


You may also want to integrate the chipset driver:


I am not sure to understand the reference allen2 is making to Intel ICH10 :unsure: the motherboard is supported for XP and the drivers are on the manufacturer support page, after having installed with them, you may want to ipdate them, but if they are there they should be the right ones.

The use of nlite to add these drivers is illustrated in several guides, besides on the homepage of the tool:






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Thank you for the reply, and you have confirmed to me the files i need, i had already downloaded them ready to slipstream into my retail xp pro sp2 disk, along with sp3, but both of the driver files i downloaded are exe programs, and as original post i am not sure what files to add to nlite when it comes to the drivers section, would be a great help if you could just download the 2 drivers you listed for my motherboard, and let me know what files i need to add and point to nlite driver section, infact no need to do it with the sata driver, as in above posts i already posted screenshots and inf files, if you could just tell me what to add to nlite, cheers

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Thanks Jaclaz for discreting my post without having read the motherboard manual (especially the bios settings and the specifications):

The marvell drivers were stamped as sata driver but on this asus board the marvell controller isn't connected to any intern sata port as per the asus manual (or if read properly the specifications of motherboard).

As the specs also show ICH10 chipset as southbridge, you might also check intel to see how many sata port it support. The ICH10 is the "Intel® 82801JO I/O Controller" and it support 6 sata port (the same of sata port the motherboard provide).

Of course you can still say that may be asus connected some sata to marvel instead of ICH10 so you can try with them if you want but you'll end up most likely with your hard drive not being detected (or getting a bsod).

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But both my manual and that spec sheet link you gave say Marvell® 6121 and 6111 SATA controller ? surely that cant be wrong, or the sata drivers on the motherboard disc i have, otherwise 1000's of people worldwide would not be useing this motherboard would they with there sata drives ? all very confusing to me, what about the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.2.0.1001 for Windows XP on my asus motherboard download support site, aint that the same as the ICH10 "Intel® 82801JO I/O Controller" you mention, surely asus must be correct in there driver section for my motherboard ?

Oh, and marvel wiki says its a sata driver as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Marvell_Technology_Group_chipsets

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The specs say southbridge and southbridge is ICH10. The bios (as per the manual) also doesn't show any any ahci setting for the marvel controller.

But don't trust me, you don't have to; just try. Slipstream only the Marvel driver with nlite or manually as explained previously and try.

I love people who can only learn by failing but who never give up.

Edit: punctuation and grammar.

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