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Diamond Disk Layout Tool 16-bit Version?

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Good day,

Microsoft's old DIAMOND.EXE program had a 16-bit version that I need for testing purposes. I have the 16-bit version of EXTRACT.EXE that is version 1.00.0530. DIAMOND.EXE of that same version is 32-bit though...

The only way I know that this exists is from this reference at: http://www.mdgx.com/INF_web/diamond.txt

1.5 Diamond Deliverables

The following table is a list of all the libraries and programs that are part of Diamond:

[6/6/94 bens: At this time, we have versions of diamond.exe, extract.exe, and fdi.lib for both 16-bit MS-DOS/Windows and Win32 on x86. Alpha and Mips versions are built (thank you!) by the ACME group, as they have the machines and compilers.]




Command-line tool to perform disk layout (uses FCI.LIB)


File Decompression Interface library (uses MDI.LIB).


Command-line tool to expand files (uses FDI.LIB)


Tool to dump internal format of a Diamond cabinet file


File Compression Interface library (uses MCI.LIB).


MSZIP Memory Compression Interface library.


MSZIP Memory Decompression Interface library.


Quantum Memory Compression Interface library (32-bit ONLY)


Quantum Memory Decompression Interface library.

So does anyone have a 16-bit version of DIAMOND.EXE from way back?


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How odd that an 16-bit EBD.CAB (read as DOS) is "extracted" to RAMDRIVE when run from AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Are you saying you need to run DIAMOND.EXE under DOS??? Won't happen... DOS never used DIAMOND.EXE/EXTRACT but rather used COMPRESS/EXPAND for Installs.

I have "obtained" Version (32) 1.00.0520 (12/16/94) of DIAMOND and EXTRACT and see no relevance to your request. A CAB is a CAB and there are TWO Extracts (16-bit to EXTRACT under 16-bit DOS and 32-bit EXTRACT under 32-Bit Windows).

The MAIN thing of that version you have is the LZX compression, which was apparently "yanked" in later versions.

A little background here and here as well. Some info about Cab SDK Software here.

I also find this in the documentation (not much help, though...)

8.3 Byte Ordering & Source Code Portability

Diamond is portable to 32-bit and 16-bit platforms, but there is no provision in the code to support interchange between little-endian (x86, RISC) and big-endian (68K) machines, i.e., you must generate the cabinet files on a machine with the same endian property as the target machine.

From CabPack v1.4

If you want to create cabinets for a 16bit platform, like MS-DOS, and the files and/or directories you wish to compress contain long filenames, you must click the 16bit extractor option. If you don't, any attempt to extract these files using a 16bit extractor will most likely result in invalid directory entries.
So, you see I believe it has nothing to do with 16-bit other than perhaps LFN.

You are chasing a ghost. ;)

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You are chasing a ghost. ;)

Ok so after reading your PM, old threads, etc. I realize my mistake and I apologize.

So I should ask this then: Does anyone the 16-bit version of compress.exe from Microsoft? I have very very old versions that had SZDD and KWAJ compression but not a version with Quantum or MSZIP (if ever there was one).

The compress.exe that I mention I got from an old FoxPro release BTW. So is there any compress.exe that is 16-bit and supports Quantum? Or was all Quantum compression handled in 32-bit from the get-go and am I chasing a "ghost"?

PS: Would you mind sharing the 1.00.0520 version of DIAMOND/EXTRACT?


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DOS 6.x - 14.9 KB (15,259 bytes) / 15.0 KB (15,360 bytes)

Microsoft ® File Compression Utility Version 2.00

Copyright © Microsoft Corp. 1990-1992. All rights reserved.

Win9x/2K (Win2k Resource Kit) - 105 KB (107,792 bytes)

Microsoft ® File Compression Utility Version 2.50

Copyright © Microsoft Corp. 1990-1994. All rights reserved.

Server 2003 Resource Kit (don't remember "version" or 16-bit compatible) -


Appears that versions prior to v2.x were KWAJ.

Quantum? No clue! Probably not AFAICT. COMPRESS.EXE only compresses single files, BTW.

Maybe this will help... LZx-compression... If you LOOK at the "change log" in the DIAMOND.TXT, you'll not that Quantum and MS-ZIP are NEWER than "compress". Get the CAB-SDK and look it over. ;)

Try this

"compress.exe" intitle:index.of

YOU get it, check it ("compress /?"), test it, decide whether it serves your purpose.

No, I won't share it. I gave a link to another topic where a good link USED to be, but it's no longer valid. The one you have is better anyway.

You are obsessed! :w00t::wacko: I follow the Board Rules. ;)

Edited by submix8c

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Compress v 1.02 and 1.11 will create KWAJ files. These date from 1990 (the WLO10.ZIP file for OS/2 is compressed in these). It's used in DOS 6, and Windows 3.11, it's hard to find. Vers 1.11 is the go, because the default rename is to edlin.ex_ rather than edlin.ex$. I got 1.02 from the fox pro 2.6 redistribution, and 1.11 in the msdos 6 source code package.

Compress v2.0 is available in the Windows 3.1 SDK and many other things, that produce SZDD files. The compress in the Windows NT 3.10 reskit produces this file.

Compress v2.5 in the resource kits, etc, by default, produce MSCF files (MSZIP), with varying degrees of compression. Look for CABPACK v 1.1 for a DOS version of this.

Expand 2.1 (windows 3.11), expands both KWAJ and SZDD, but not MSCF. Other expand utilities work with some subset of SZDD, KWAJ and MSCF.

The DIAMOND utility even in the earliest packages, are Win32. You could look for cabpack 1.1 for a DOS version. Needs to have the Runtime 200 fix applied, though.

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