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Which Windows CE Platform should I targetting?


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I am planning to write a F&B Order Taking application for a handheld PC, if not smartphone or tablet PC.

Few years ago, I heard the launching of Windows CE 6.0, and now I heard of Windows RT for Tablet PC.

Given the available model of handheld PC/PDA/smartphone/palmtop/Tablet PC on the market, which kind of gadget and OS should I targetting for?

I will find out the SDK for that platform myself later on.

I appreciate for any inputs and replies.

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Is Windows CE even something that is current? As far as RT goes, you'd need to buy a system with it installed. You can't get that OS version from MSDN or TechNet yet. So you wouldn't be able to test on your own. But as far as RT goes, it is only really designed to run those Modern apps... although I suppose you could end up developing some non-Modern apps that are designed to run on the ARM CPU.

You might be interested in this:


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Long article. I have not even use Windows 8 for a minutes. But still are company using classic VB, not .NET, and not the native C# of Windows 8. I will give it a second thought on deciding which is best. Perhaps, Android then is more approachable. Thank you for your dilligence!

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