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reboot.pro Competition 2012

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Competition Goal for 2012: A Barebone Win7PE

Before the end of the year, we'd like to give a good farewell to Win 7 in reboot style.

We'll award the coolest and most fashionable Win7PE project bellow 100Mb. The prize is an ISOstick from http://www.isostick.com/


- Overall size bellow 100Mb (compression is allowed)

- Windows Explorer must work

- Use Winbuilder or another tool to automate the building steps

Call your friends to help, try the craziest things that come to your mind and post here on this topic your proposals for others to try out and give feedback. If the winner of this competition is supported by another forum across the web then a URL back to the supporting forum will be mentioned on reboot award.

Everyone: We need help spreading the word. Please post the link to this topic on your google-plus or other favorite forum sites around the Internet. The more people knowing about this event, the better. Thanks! :)

The goal is to have fun and squeeze those megabytes to fit the limits. The 2012 winner of the light-weight Win7 PE competition will be announced on the end of December.

Have fun!


More info here: Reboot Competition: The smallest Win7 PE bootdisk

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