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cmd/bat to uninstall IE ?

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shortucts are not problem :)

the ie.exe is :P

That's not what you said in your first post!


don't know if its too much to ask

but does anyone know to make .bat/.cmd script that would work under both xp and win7

that would silently uninstall IE (just like user can from control panel remove it) ?

When you uninstall from Control Panel, you are actually doing exactly that, removing 'shortcuts'.

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well in my defense I use win7, and win7 removes the .exe when removing it via cpanel

thought that XP did same before good people here told it does not

Regardless of MS's assurances to the contrary, I believe that IE ended up so deeply embedded in the OS, and then being depended on by other third-party apps, that trying to just hack it out could end up causing you problems down the road depending on what other software you end up running in the future.

yeh... that sucks :D

ok thanks

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if you mean on win7

no it just isn't there anymore :)

its nor hidden nor "hidden OS file",

folder only has ieinstal.exe and ielowutil.exe

while system wide anything related left is: ie4uinit.exe, IEExec.exe and ieUnatt.exe

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Okay then the IE uninstaller on Win7 is little bit differently than on WinXP. But i wouldn't remove any IE files manually on WinXP i tried this and i got some problems with some third-party applications.

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my 1st idea was to simply replace iexplore.exe with either portable opera or firefox

and rename iexplore.exe to maybe iexplore1.exe

but since I don't know how system calls (based on what) the browser for shell, I guess this would be dumb idea :D

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question is, how different is that method of, if i just replace whatever app and rename it to iexplore.exe with original one

does for example win xp, more specific, does XP's file manager (explorer) even calls some functions directly from iexplore.exe ?

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