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XP Services Customize Tool

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Just over at the Black Viper website earlier today and I noticed he made some changes, or at least I never saw these new pages till today. I was there several times in June and early July as I was learning about the Services setup configuration for my new XP setup. He had two batch files there for downloading for XP Pro ... a Default file and a Safe file. I noticed a few days ago the Save file had been removed and today I found this new page where you can easily (fast) customize your own Services batch file. Thought I would post information about it, if someone wanted to try it out. There is one for XP Home and XP Pro and also other OS's. Sorry if this is old information but I didn't see these pages earlier.

Black Viper (home)


Custom Services Registry File Creation Tool


BV XP Pro:


BV XP Home:



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Black Viper has the best collection of references for all the Microsoft services for all versions of Windows. Since there are too many to remember these days I am often looking them up.

One thing to note is that he prefers a very lean and clean computer so consequently his recommended settings do not include running all the bells and whistles most people enjoy, particularly the theme engine (which I use) and disk indexing and system restore (which I disable).

It is easy enough to just install Windows fresh and then export the registry (at this point the services should match his default) and then tweak them to your final preference and export again, Windiff and create your own custom registry script that covers all the Microsoft services.

I usually do this again for a 2nd time a few days later after adding hardware drivers and other software. This 2nd custom script will include many services that are not listed at his website, like your specific printer services or webcam, 3rd party software audio, video, anti-virus and quite a few more.

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problem these days, especially with NT 6

is that most services are (unfortunately) needed

I remember how XP could run on 18-20 services

NT 6 has to have ~35 and more

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I shut down about 24 services on XP, around 40 on Win-7 and it looks like Win-8 will have even more, to either shut down (Disable) completely or at least put into "Manual" mode.

Doing it manually takes way too much time, so I wrote a batch file, to do it in about two seconds.


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