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Batch file to export file name and created date

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I'm not assuming that you're in Italy, your flag is Italian and IP address is Italian, (telecomitalia.it). Since I was replying directly to you, there was no reason not to structure my response directly to you.

Well, IMHO there are several alternative possibilities to my being in Italy.

I could use an Italian proxy allright, and besides, I could well be:

  1. a liar :ph34r: (misrepresenting my nationality/citizenship - which is not BTW "usual place of residence"- this is what I understand for "country" :unsure: )
  2. a tourist in Italy casually posting from a cybercafe in Florence

But even once established that I am in Italy, would it be possible that I have files created with a "-" sign?

I could well be any of:

  • An international consultant, often traveling both sides of the Atlantic and thus most probably having on my notebook any number of files with dates with the + or - sign.
  • A digital forensics examiner, often having to deal with disk images made overseas.
  • A completely crazy loon, that loves to have his PC set to US Central time during the week (because my first love was a girl from Nebraska :w00t: ) and Mountain time on weekends (to get up earlier :ph34r: )



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All of that and you still use dd/mm/yyyy. ;)

Yep :), you got me :w00t: .

AFAIK that (making people write dates/numbers/basic math and their symbols) was used as a quick way to find non-native enemy spies, it seems like most people - even very well trained/bilingual ones - when it comes to this tend to revert to their native conventions (i.e. the ones they learned as kids/at school), but exception made for the US, I believe that the rest of the world, uses dates in the "normal" ;) way:


so I could well be from (say) Brazil....

AND, at least according to this, the trend is towards an expansion of this use even in the US:


Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated


Now, for NO apparent reason, a nice file renamer:


with an interesting option/feature :unsure::



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