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syncing outlook on multiple computers without exchange?


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A client of mine would like to sync his workstation PC with his secondary workstation at another location. They want to do this without exchange, as it is a costly venture, and he is the only one in the company who wants it.

I looked into the program Sync2, However when syncing it doesn't preserve his timestamps when he received the e-mails. And it doesn't sync subfolders he has in his inbox. So i am looking for alternatives. Are any of you aware of them? Sub $100 would be best, But i'm sure if it's under the cost of exchange he'll take it.

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They can use imap, but they are limited to 300 messages maximum, And they have much more then that (about 1500+) I'm not sure who supplies their e-mail. It is a local business with a webserver, is about all i know.

Another thing i forgot to mention, is Calendar and contact syncing would be nice, but not needed.

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