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Simple ways to speed up your slow computer

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All I know is what works for me. Here are some simple ways you can speed up your computer.

1. If you use an OEM machine, uninstall the massive worthless bloatware they have a tendency of installing.

2. Install all important Windows updates.

3. Defrag your PC at shutdown. If you dont know how to do this, it's a google search away.

4. Disable services you dont use at all or ones that dont do anything, such as the defragment services. If you dont use wireless disable the wireless service. Just dont disable anything until you know what it does. The services applet can be found holding the windows key and hit "R" and typing in "services.msc" double click them and if you feel safe disable one click the drop down box and select "disable"

5. using the run menu open up msconfig. In start up, check off boxes of things you dont want starting up.

5. Dont use Internet Explorer since it's poorly programmed and runs very slow no matter what you do. I suggest Firefox, it's a much faster browser and more secure.

6. Make sure you have more than enough memory for your Windows OS. Windows 7 needs atleast 1 GB, Windows XP needs atleast 512 mb. Windows vista atleast 2gb and upwords.

Not sure if this helps anyone. Though I know it helps me.

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Correction - #6....

And you're still mistaken... I've installed XP Pro on 128mb RAM with a 733mhz P-III and it ran just fine.

And you're still mistaken. Look at the MINIMUM rqmts and RECOMMENDED rqmts. And anyone can tell you More Ram = Less Paging (that's Disk I/O to to newbie) = Faster.

Check again...

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I know from experience that it runs like crap on 256 mb of memory. I've seen it many times.

I lived and developed WPI on a 466MhZ w\256 megs ram for over a year on XP. While slow it was acceptable at the time.

I ment how the Windows XP OS runs today. Software in general tends to expand. This includes the updates, your browser of choice etc. The last OS I ran with 256 mb of memory was Windows 98. The amount of memory that wouldve been okay at one time, is totally different today. Running Windows XP with less than 512 mb of memory causes an excessive amount of paging.

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There is no #7 on the list.

BUT there are TWO #5 that would make #6 logically eligible to be called #7 :whistle:;).

And of course for number #5 (bis) or second #5 Opera would most probably be faster.....


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