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Windows 7 Service Pack 1


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I have recently tried out Sp1 and It made my comp run almost at 100% cpu usage all the time, it gave me a loading icon by mouse arrow and when shutting down it would take a long time.

I could'nt believe how many pointless updates microsoft tried to force on me, 105 total, 30 a day. My pc became so slow it was unbelievable. I have a good fast pc with AMD graphics and dual-core.

I tried uninstalling it and it said it was gone but I knew parts of sp1 still remained because my pc ran the same, crappy. Cpu usage was never an issue untill all those pointless updates and sp1 was installed.

I have rocketdock, and sidebar running but never had any problems untill this. Sometimes microsoft tried to fix something that was'nt broken in my opinion, I made a poll for fun, although I think I already know the winner on this


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You're the very first person I hear about which has any issues with Win7 SP1. None of that sounds like a typical scenario, it just sounds like something's wrong with your system (and in no way some sort of widespread issue), so I'll second Magicandre1981's suggestion to troubleshoot it. I don't see a shred of evidence that suggests why you should even blame your issues on SP1 specifically, much less how it would be a nightmare for everyone because you had issues on the one lone PC which just might be caused by malware on your system or any other problem. Also, service packs are usually fine (they're mainly a collection of patches -- a faster way to apply them basically), but sometimes they still affect a small percentage of PCs, just like XP SP3 which had made some machines unbootable recently.

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I'm sorry but its too late, I decided to reinstall windows 7 and not use sp1 or the new updates. But not to worry I have great protection and I'm running normally again. Thank you for telling me about other people that run sp1 without any problems. When issues came up, I googled sp1 and found places where people had problems, below is from windows 7 forums where people say they have problems.

----- it crashed my laptop,and locked up the hard drive.i tried to reinstall winmo7 but its telling me i need drivers to run the set up.so i gotta go thru all that

--------------- Just installed SP1, and it has wrecked my internet page loading speed dramatically. I thought it was a malicious thing from microsoft because I use google chrome, but just tested this forum on IE and it is the same - s---l---o---w.

-------- I am running x64, set on 'tell me when there is something to download and install'.

Being the computer guppy, when it says important, I figure do it.

------- Fark me, I thought updates were supposed to improve things, not make them worse!

--------- I have been googling for the last couple of hours to see what I can do and the overwhelming results so far are related to crash on install, chrome crashing on startup and crashing on uninstall (total reinstall).

-------- Obviously the cpu or ram is now more stressed by whatever microsoft has stuffed around with.

Fark 'em, it was quite ok as it was. I'm too scared to uninstall it after reading all the crash stories.

I am not saying anyone is wrong just that people are having problems. On the other hand I've seen people say very good things about it. In any case I dont have any problems now, I have ultimate so I'm good. Love the gaming on this laptop so I just stick with this for now. :)

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I actually had more problems on SP0

SP1 addressed some issues (atleast it seems so)

but I didn't patch the RTM but format and installed "7" with integrated SP1

(btw I don't use win update, I'm sceptic about their patches fuxing up everything)

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My biggest gripe with SP1 is when you do a new install Windows loads all the preceding updates before SP1. This probably is not an SP1 issue per se but annoying at the least. I don't know how the updates are sent out but now, in my opinion, SP1 should be the first thing sent out by the update server. Then subsequent update sent. I had one of the updates prior to SP1 crash during an install this morning and had to redo a whole days worth of software installs. If anyone from MS is out there, PLEASE make it so that SP1 is sent first to all new installs looking for updates.

Enough of my rant.

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simply get the full Sp1 Installer from Downloadcenter and install Sp1 this way ;)

You could do that if you didn't forget about it. For people who do this a lot it is the best way to get SP1 but most home users don't know about the download center.

Mark Minnich

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