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Automated Vista install using Vlite

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Hi all. I am new to this forum and Vlite. I am not a newbie to computers, however I have an interesting situation. I have an HP Pavillion 2310us that has a dead display. My daughter uses is like a desktop in that it never moves and requires a separate monitor hookup. The problem is that Vista has become glitchy and needs to be reinstalled. The major challenge is that once you choose the restore option and it restarts I have no monitor at all. I assume that once the basic video drivers and HP function keys are activated again, I will be able to switch to the external monitor to complete setup/updates/sofware installs etc. I tried to find screenshots that I could follow "blind" using keystrokes to make correct selections but have not been successful. Then I found Vlite.

The question: Can I create a recovery disk from the recovery partition using Vlite, that will run completely without user interaction to the point that video drivers/function keys are enabled as mentioned above? I have XP Pro that I would be happy to put on there but again the same problem (only worse I suspect).

Any help would be gladly accepted.

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