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Bandwidth monitor for 98?


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NetMeter is the best freeware network meter you can possibly get for 9x. It's packed full of features that it even rivals commercial meters. Development has stopped unfortunately. Several months ago, someone made a few minor updates to it, but only for Windows 7.

Tip: set a frequent log file autosave interval, so that you don't lose hours of entries since the last save if a crash were to occur.

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If you're going to go down the road of installing the USP for features, though, you might as well just install KeX as well and see if you can get Networx working.

Netmeter was the best I found of the native tools.

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I'm another satisfied NetMeter user, never had a problem with it in five or so years, with or without KernelEx.

NetMeter didn't used to be portable. So I kept another program on my USB stick for running on other people's PCs. Written as an example for programmers, it is here: http://delphi.about.com/od/fullcodeprojects/l/aa112903a.htm

It does not store any details or usage at all, whereas NetMeter does.

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