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custom avatars and signatures

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@ Kelsenellenelvian:

Here's what I came up with, 350x40px, I hope you like it.

I made 2 versions for you to choose from, the first with the lime scanlines a little more noticeable than in the second.

If you want me to tone the scanlines down even more to suit your tastes, let me know.

It won't take long at all to make another version.

Scanlines luminosity = 21, http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa403/larryb123456/withlimeluminosity21scanlines.jpg


Scanlines luminosity = 18, http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa403/larryb123456/withlimeluminosity18scanlines.jpg


Your idea about using a black background, giving maximum contrast (i.e., readability) between the text and background was good. And I really like the fuschia and lime combo "light" behind the WPI logo. I only used lime scanlines, which I really like. (Fuschia scanlines looked terrible.)

I couldn't stretch your name out any longer, for 2 reasons: it became more blurry in direct comparison (i.e., proximity) with Windows Post-Install Wizard; and the widths of the vertical legs of the letters became so wide that your name totally over powered Windows Post-Install Wizard.

IMO, you were a co-creator of the userbar because you provided the specs (i.e., image proportions, black & fuschia & lime color scheme, logo, font).

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Thanks for your kind words, dencorso.

Honestly, I consider myself to be mediocre at best, someone who enjoys fiddling with Photoshop, and learning new things, mostly by trial-and-error as I "play" in my own endeavors.

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@ Kelsenellenelvian:

This is just FYI, in case you want to see different versions of your userbar.

The background (defined as base color + linear-horizontal-gradient "splash", scanlines, and ellipse layer) is easy to change.

The ellipse layer is that lighter blue area at the top of your *present signature*.

There is a hint of an ellipse layer in the bar I made for you, but I couldn't increase its opacity any more, because it turned the black background too gray.

So, everything is fixed -- except the background -- because I investigated *all* the possibilities, and, believe me, what you see is best.

For example, you might say:

"Replace the lime and fuschia area with blue (which will allow the WPI logo to be seen against the black background) and use lime and/or fuschia scanlines (or any other color scanlines)."


"Use some other base color, that you'll specify, with these background parameters, etc., etc., etc."

I'm sure you understand what I'm saying here, with regard to what is easy to change and what is fixed.

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Here is the 1 change I would like to Scanlines luminosity = 21:

You mentioned stretching my name?

How about this:

I am in the process of changing my name (Yes irl and legally) can you fit "Kelsenellenelvian EverDawn" ?

Then as a bonus would you grab the recreated logo and the glow around it (Simply love that btw) and make a 100x100 avatar also?

Edited by Kelsenellenelvian

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@ Kelsenellenelvian:

Kelsenellenelvian EverDawn (K.ED) the same length as Windows Post-Install Wizard (WP-IW) in the earlier version, 230px, http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa403/larryb123456/EverDawnWP-IW230pxlong.jpg


Just in case you might feel that WP-IW overpowers K.ED in the above, I made another version with WP-IW reduced just a tad to 220px long, http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa403/larryb123456/EverDawnWP-IW220pxlong.jpg


Then as a bonus would you grab the recreated logo and the glow around it and make a 100x100 avatar also?

Bonus? Sounds like the booby prize to me !!! (lol)

Seriously, we need more discussion on this.

By recreated logo, do you mean the logo you posted for downloading but with the bitmap/pixel letters for "WPI" ?

Did you also want the "WPIW.net" as in your present MSFN avatar ?

I am of the philosophy that you let all the graphic elements (images and text, etc.) in the avatar dictate the final proportions of the avatar. To me, that gives a more natural result than "force-fitting" the graphic elements into a 100x100px box. Of course, following my philosophy, one dimension of the avatar will be 100px. The other dimension might be 85px, etc. But I can start off with the 100x100px size and adjust the graphic elements as best I can, until it might become clear that 100x100px won't give a good result.

Did you want the lime (luminosity = 21) scanlines and the hint of the ellipse layer ?

I know that you want rounded corners.

When I get your feedback on all this, I can start work on this new project.

Edited by larryb123456

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Sorry for being away for a couple of days.

As you can tell from your image, the avatar will wind up being 100px wide by "X" pixels tall, where "X" is less than 100px. (That is, the avatar will be a horizontal rectangle. Nothing wrong with that, IMO.)

I'll put a small area of black on each end of the avatar, for the fuschia and lime to "glow (i.e., transition) out of". (Believe me, the black is necessary.)

I'll make the avatar's rounded corners exactly the same size as on the userbar.

I won't be able to start on this for a couple of days. (Sorry)

Please give me your feedback on my comments here so that we will be "on the same page".


BTW, I'm very glad that you like the userbars.

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On another forum I'm on I just replaced my old avatar, "Chimp with a Gun", shown in my Post # 473, with this new one, that Pee-Wee Herman would be sure to like, http://i1196.photobucket.com/albums/aa403/larryb123456/NEWAVATAR.gif


This is a frame-by-frame animation: 18 frames, 0.14 sec display time per frame, 255 colors, 111x92px, 21 KB.

I was simply amazed that the file size was that small.

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The userbar I'm presenting in this Post honors Albert Einstein, the German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, thereby causing a revolution in Physics. For this achievement, Einstein is often regarded as the father of modern Physics and the most influential physicist of the 20th century. He is best known for his mass–energy equivalence formula, E = mc2, which has been called "the world's most famous equation".



This is a frame-by-frame animation: 80 unique frames, 0.10 sec display time per frame, 255 colors, 350x19px, 203 KB. The Einstein and atomic bomb blast JPEGs are scrolled vertically at the rates of 2px per frame and 3px per frame, respectively. Each time the entire phrase "Einstein was correct" is highlighted, the phrase stays highlighted for 4 frames (i.e., 0.40 sec) before the regular text appears again. I used this type of highlighting to be in tune with an atomic bomb going off. The background with the moving scanlines is a 2-frame animated GIF.

Einstein was famous for sticking out his tongue at people. But this was very tiring work, so when he became exhausted from doing this, he had a capable assistant take over for him.


Some Albert Einstein quotes:

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new."

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."


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