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windows 98 Icons ?


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I have Widows 7 I am looking for Windows 98 icons desktop computer icons trash can icons etc. to install on my Windows 7 computer please if anyone has them please get back to me been looking everywhere

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A problem you will encounter is that vista and later use 256+ colour icons, and the win16 stuff (pre-xp) show up as blanks when used as app icons, or worse still, Windows will go hunting for a new icon.  I had to craft a new icon for tapei (recompiled for win32 in the NT4.5 thing.  Before that, it would just pick an icon out of the iconcache file.

You could extract the icons from Win98, or use a theme-set to update some of the icons.  I did much the same with Windows 3.1 (using icons from WPSWin in the overlay). 

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