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HP Recovery Partition Not Found


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Hello Everyone.....

Can anyone help me? I've 'HP Pavilion Dv6 1154tx' Laptop..... installed 'Vista Home premium' ..... Last week I installed 'Windows 7 ultimate' as another OS after that I tried to recover laptop to factory setting..... I press F11 at booting time to recover but nothing happens....... then I tried to create recovery cd's but a error occurred "Recovery partition not found" ............ then i go to "Disk Management" utility and 'Set recovery partition as active' but after it still doesn't work...... after i choose F8 advance options at booting time and select 'Repair your computer' and i successfully recover my laptop to factory setting........

for checked out .....I again install 'Windows 7 ultimate' then again I face same problem like 'Recovery partition not found' and i recover it using F8 advance option at boot time ......and recovered successfully to factory setting.......

so can anyone tell me that without using F8 advance options key " How can I recover my laptop to factory setting" and "Why that error occurred when still have recovery partition?" and it also works.......... help me to recover using F11 key at booting time....... "why I can't recover using F11 key?"

I think may be when I install 'Windows 7 ultimate' then may be partition table changed or entry of partitions at anywhere may be changed..... so I want to know 'Where that information contains in my laptop?' ......


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I think when you upgrade your Windows Vista version to Windows 7 Ultimate, the recovery partition is always the same and you can't create your recovery DVD's.

Before to upgrade your Laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate, you can create Recovery DVD's for your Windows Vista only!

When you have upgraded your Laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate you can create an image with Noton Ghost or True Image to save your OS and use this image to restore your computer if needed!

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Contact HP. I had a problem with my DV7 recovery partition as well prior to installing W7. HP sent me the entire recovery disks which will re-create the recovery partition and re-install Vista.


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If you are lucky, its just the BCD that is screwed up. There are various "fixes" on HP's website to return both the BCD and MBR to the correct states but you are going to have a problem because you don't have Vista on there anymore. The Windows 7 and Vista recovery process is different enough for this. And since you changed the OS, HP might not help you for free.

We have a large topic about this already:

Also, marking the recovery partition as Active isn't what you want to do. The boot process of going into the recovery partition searches for it, and makes it active at the time of boot, and sets the OS partition as inactive. If you have the recovery partition already active (even if it could find it) it would give you an error.

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