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This project has been discontinued.

Please check the Unofficial SP 5.2 for Windows 2000 thread for more information.


This unofficial HBR Mini Rollup is a roll-up style package which contains all (but one) so called hotfixes (by request) available for Windows 2000.

The following updates are included:






KB822834 - Server version only


KB823658 - Server version only











KB838018 - Server version only*



















KB906952 - Server version only




KB915985-v2 - unofficial updated version**





KB925783 - Server version only


* This hotfix addresses an issue in MS Fronpage Extensions. If you happen to use the Extensions under a Windows 2000 Professional system you should install/slipstream this hotfix separately.

** V2 of this hotfix contains an updated ntdll.dll file which was modified by BlackWingCat in order to add several new functions. The details can be found at http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/845435.html.


1. What is the purpose of this Rollup?

The purpose of this Rollup is to combine the hotfixes mentioned above into a one big roll-up style update which can be either installed in a working Windows 2000 system or slipstreamed by using programs such as HFSLIP or nLite.

There are three main advantages of using HBR Mini Rollup instead of installing or slipstreaming all of the hotfixes separately.

a) Hotfixes (by request) are not publicly available to download from Windows Update. Each of them has to be downloaded separately through a complicated process where one has to input his e-mail address, a random code and then download the hotfix through an URL sent on the e-mail address. In order to unpack the downloaded hotfix you have to input a password. As HBR Mini Rollup contains all of these hotfixes, there is no need to download each of them separately, thus you can avoid going through such a complex procedure.

b ) Some of the hotfixes (by request) use an older version of update.exe and other files responsible for hotfix installation which can lead to newer files already installed in the system being overwritten by the older ones from those hotfixes. HBR Rollup uses the newest installer files so there is no such an issue when using this Rollup instead of those hotfixes. Only newer files are installed.

c) Using HBR Mini Rollup greatly simplifises the process of slipstreaming hotfixes. The Rollup is just a one file which can be used instead of 43 (48 in case of Server version) separate hotfix files.

2. Which hotfixes are not included?

There are two separate versions of HBR Mini Rollup, the one for Windows 2000 Professional (KB654654-Prf) and the other for Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server and Datacenter Server (KB654654-Srv). Only one of them should be installed/slipstreamed at the same time according to the Windows 2000 edition which is used. The server version of HBR Mini Rollup includes five more hotfixes compared to the Professional version. These five hotfixes address issues which are present only in a Windows 2000 Server environment. Therefore, there is no use installing them on a Windows 2000 Professional system.

There are 49 hotfixes (by request) available to download at Microsoft website. This Rollup covers 48 of them. The only one which is not included neither in the Prf version nor in the Srv version is KB896414. This hotfix was omitted intentionally as it causes system errors when slipstreamed using HFSLIP (if placed in the HF folder). If you want to include KB896414 in your system installation you ought to download it separately and put in the HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder in HFSLIP.

3. Technical information

The structure of HBR Mini Rollup is exactly the same as the one of an official update released by Microsoft. 654654 is used as the KB number. There exists no other hotfix with this number. HBR Mini Rollup does not have its own catalog (.cat) file but it registers the catalog files of the all 43 (48) integrated hotfixes when installed or slipstreamed.

4. Changelog

(2011-05-25) HBR Rollup v2

Two updates (838417 and 843503) were removed from the rollup as they may cause issues and instabilities related to USB.

(2011-05-26) HBR Rollup v3

843503 was reintegrated as there is no evidence that it causes any problems. A new hotfix KB836111 was added.




Created by

tomasz86 (TW86)

Edited by tomasz86
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I've used Windows 2000 for several years and wasn't aware of these hotfixes. I have applied all the high priority security updates and many of the other updates. Should I consider applying this rollup?

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Well, theoretically they should be installed only when you experience the issue mentioned in the KB article of the hotfix as according to Microsoft they were not as thoroughly tested as normal updates. However, I've been slipstreaming them for a long time in my system and have not experienced any problems connected with them.

They address a variety of issues, from system errors up to HD audio support.

Personally I think it's useful to have them installed/slipstreamed :)

Edited by tomasz86
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I tried some on-request patches for USB on W2k before, and stopped using them, because they brought trouble.

see especially my warnings here



Now I consider that "not fully tested" means "really bugged" and stay away from these patches - except KB838989 in the case of USB..

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Thank you very much for this input.

Actually I've also had an issue with Webcam making my system freeze but until now I've associated it with the buggy driver of the cam (because the other cam worked without any problems). After reading your posts I think it's not the driver but the buggy usbhub.sys file that causes these instabilities.

I also have a question - did you also find bugs in any other patches than KB838417? Should KB843503 also be avoided?

Edited by tomasz86
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I've read my notes again and checked which files currently run on my W2k.

Excepted KB838417 which must be avoided, I kept the most recent versions of the USB patches and used them for 15 months now:

883528, 838989, 843503, 836111, 890202

notice the sys files can be injected in \System32\Drivers\ without using the patch installer, which saves time at multiple trials, and overcomes language incompatibility.

Was this a good choice? Not quite clear! I would trust 838989 because Microsoft issues no warning for that one.

The four others didn't improve what I needed (CF card ejection from a USB reader in a user session).

I've seen no clear drawback to them neither; once a corrupted Fat32 on a CF, cause unknown.

Software has much in common with explosives: the more your know it, the less you trust it.

So for me, the situation is: 838417 no, 838989 yes, 883528 843503 836111 890202 unclear.

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Thank you once again for very useful information :)

838989 is a public update so it won't be integrated in this Rollup but I'd be good to have it listed on bristols'.

Edited by tomasz86
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Excepted KB838417 which must be avoided


Confusingly, when you request the 838417 hotfix, you'll find that two releases of that hotfix are offered to you - one so-called "SP5", the other so-called "Latest" (as brutus1234 discovered). Worse however is that both releases of the hotfix have the same filename - Windows2000-KB838417-x86-ENU.exe (English version) - but contain different contents:

SP5 (which comes in the compressed file 213117_ENU_i386_zip.exe)

- Usbd.sys build 5.0.2195.7008

- Usbhub.sys build 5.0.2195.7006

- Usbser.sys build 5.0.2195.7006

Latest (which comes in the compressed file 188084_ENU_i386_zip.exe)

- Usbd.sys build 5.0.2195.6935

- Usbhub.sys build 5.0.2195.6935

@pointertovoid: from your posts here, it seems that you got only this latter so-called "Latest" release (usbd.sys, usbhub.sys 5.0.2195.6935). Although you also tried using usbhub.sys 5.0.2195.7006 from Gurglemeyer's USP5, you didn't say that you tried it with the other files distributed with the so-called "SP5" release (usbd.sys, usbser.sys 5.0.2195.7006). Have you tried the "SP5" hotfix files together, since your post?

Usbser.sys's description in File Properties is "USB Modem Driver". Perhaps the absence of this file caused the problems you experienced when you tried to eject your ADSL Modem.

Regarding Usbhub.sys, you recommend that people use build 5.0.2195.6689, and say that you "couldn't find a better version of Usbhub.sys". Do you mean that when you used 5.0.2195.6689, you did not get a BSOD when ejecting your modem, while you did with all others? Please clarify for me.

If you're able to download and test the SP5 version of 838417, including Usbser.sys, please do. If you could report your findings here, that would be great.

Regarding 838989, you might be right to describe it as a more reliable update than the others. But still, 843503 replaces it, containing an identical fileset aside from its updated openhci.sys and Usbport.sys (your table here is incomplete - 843503 contains hidclass.sys just as 838989 does). If the problem you had with ejecting your modem was down to 838417, then I guess it had nothing to do with these two updated files introduced by 843503.

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I did some more tests with the web cam mentioned earlier and it's not the hotfix (838417) to cause the problems :/ so the drivers are probably buggy as I thought initially.

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HBR Mini Rollup is fully compatible with HFSLIP and should be copied into the HF folder when slipstreaming.

Apparently I haven't mentioned it before :lol:

Also as you can see the topic was moved to the Hotstream sub-forum as it's very similar to what Gurgelmeyer was doing in the past so it will probably be better to have everything in one place.

Edited by tomasz86
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