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create xp install disk with drivers for ST332082 SCSI

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sorry as im a bit late, BUT, you anyone had thought this over they would have pointed you to driverpacks.net

ofcaurse its 'questionanbly to download drivers from a 3rd party website rather than from your OEM, Microsoft update or the cdrom at hand,

but you could always pick a few files and compare them agains the real files..

what i did was randomly compare 1000 drivers *.sys files against the files that i downloaded from the OEM's website as expacted all md5 where correct - so no tempering was done - from that moment on i was allowed even to use those driverpacks (the exact versions i downloaded and tested) in a semi-public-service (gorvernment) workspace.

what i mean to say is, there are ways to test them, and they DO save you alot of problems,

i for one, since than allways include the dp_massstorage dp_lan and dp_wlan drivers in my windows xp iso's so that ...

[A] i can allways install windows to the hdd (regardles of the mobo, the raid adaptor or the scsi-controller.

i can allways connect the pc to either lan or wireless lan to go to windows update and install the remaining updates or drivers...

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