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Registry tweak to save position icons desktop

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Hi, i have been tried several ways to save position of icons desktop, but i did not find the suitable registry tweaks in order to apply it during the unattended windows. I will explain it, i want to sort icon and shortcut desktop in my own way and then apply the suitable registry tweaks during unattended to apply that positions. any suggest please?

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When you move a shortcut on the desktop it writes that info to registry in HKEY_USERS\Your Sid and sometimes CURRENT_USER that is not saved yet

After a sucessful shutdown /reboot it moves that also into your HKEY_CURRENT_USER profile. That is endless as there are many things which affect different shortcuts

You can create shortcuts on desktop or whatever using $OEM$ folder but their position is really hard to get

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Use midiox desktop restore...

Get both the GUI version and the command-line version. Then sort the desktop and save the layout. If you use regshot just before and just after saving the layout, you'll find where in the registry it saves that info. Then create a .reg file from it. Create also a run entry to run the command-line version of desktop restore, and set it to restore your custom layout on startup. For the unattended you should merge to the registry those two regs, the one that has the custom layout and the one that runs desktop restore.

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