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can vlite 7SP1 ?


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Is simple : that question was solved in topic : [sOLVED] problem with Vlite 1.2 and Win7 SP1 (MSDN) - three topics above,. The solution is that :

"I tested three times already with following few steps :

1. use GIMAGEX with install.wim , tabs APPLY, then CAPTURE of desired image (I preffered Home Premium) ; i placed wimgapi.dll for Win7 (downloaded from win a win7 PE project) in Gimagex folder and that was enough ;

2. use VLITE in "original state" - vista vimfltr and wimgapi.dll copied in the wellknown folders.

No need switching between wimfltr an winmount ! No need WAIK (I never hadn't hve that kit in my computer just wimgapi.dll for GIMAGEX).

Vlite and GIMAGEX don't use common files, because they running in separated environments. Believe me, wimfltr.sys of Vista was ONLY vimfltr used in entire operation, and ONLY for vlite. Who needs winmount.sys ?!

That's all, 2 simple steps, and I installed without any error 3 various images from Windows 7 SP1 AIO kit.

And to be shure, I worked with fresh instaled OS every time.. "

Read more in that topic for more information. I had same error as you and this solution is working perfectly.

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I keep having a problem with vlite with windows 7 sp1 and running from host Win7 Sp0. It instantly crashes in the removing componets part. I am still testing to see if some combanation will make this crash stop. I have tried the apply capture and it still crashes. Hope to find an answer but if anyone has some suggestions to that I would be glad to hear.

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I'm guessing the trouble is to use different WAIK to customize Windows 7 (WAIK 3.0 for Windows 7 and after WAIK 1.1 for Vista)!

But if I use ONLY WAIK 1.1 for Vista and use FIRST this workaround, given by bapt, all is fine with Windows 7 SP1 MSDN!


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