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Problem in creating a Windows 7 SP1 dvd by reverse integration

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Thanks mate for the links, I will see what is there in "\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM" folder and would delete the content and the registries as well related to DRM.

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There is only a problem if when you boot into sysprep you set your network connection to Home or Work, the solution is to set it to Public or not at all (more into)

Give this a go see if you have a problem playing it

Thanks, two conditions are availables:

System builders, OEMs and deployment personnel in IT organizations who have created or intend to create Windows 7 images using the Sysprep tool will experience this issue unless either of the following scenarios are used:

- Using audit mode during image creation does not cause this issue.

- Selecting the "public" network location during Windows Welcome does not cause this issue.

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About DRM rights with Windows Media Player.

Worked one time to download inside the Virtual Machine and after nothing.

Because it's needed a unique SID matching the computer!

But using audit mode the folder => "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\DRM" is empty and it is the condition needed!

And it's not needed to delete the files inside this folder or inside the registry!

I will install my new Windows 7 SP1 integrated on my computer and I think there is no problem to read the file STC1_128_44_16_2_CBR.wma.

Windows Media Player DRM: frequently asked questions


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Well....can you play the file?

If you can play it you dont have a problem

Hi Rick! :rolleyes:

Installed my Windows 7 x86 SP1 "syspreped" on my computer and all works fine!

After downloading the component needed I can hear the music with the file for testing!

Using Audit mode with sysprep give no problem with DRM Rights!

Image DRM component

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