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Questions regarding Mac OS X updates


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Hi to all. Just recently my brother got a MAC laptop. The installed OS in laptop is Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Till now i am not familiar with MAC OS installation and usage. Of-course i searched Google and i got some information. But i have a few questions.

1. Now i am trying to install Mac OS X again. I searched in Apple website for any available updates for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I saw there is an important update available. But it is available in two variants. One is Mac OS X v10.6.6 Update (Size 143.59 MB) and the other is Mac OS X v10.6.6 Update Combo (Siz is 1.06 GB) I go through detailed description about these two updates. But i am not able to find exact difference between them. Both contains incremental updates and nearly same in description. But why one in above 1 GB in size and one is 143 MB. Which one i need to download?

2. Is there a way to integrate this update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation and create a Mac OS X installation DVD which contains both OS and update. Just like Win 7 with SP1. If so, how the method would be?

3. Is there a tool available to customize the installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Just like RT 7 Lite, which is available to customize Win 7 installation image.

Please let me know answers for the above mentioned questions if possible. I already searched in Google but i am not able to find proper information.


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0. OSX has many purposes. Being that it runs on PPC, it is faster and better for Graphical, as well as many other high-end needs. People use OSX nowadays to get away from the Windows horror show. PPC programs will run best on a PPC computer. Snow Leopard will not run all functions of Tiger and so forth of any OSX install over Tiger. Tiger is the last real PPC that works with most programs. However Apple probably fixed that????? Make sure to check out the stats of your Computer, to see if it can handle the OS you install.

1. You do not need to install any updates from Apple, for your OSX machine. It is perfect as it came out of the box. I would find unofficial packages. However certain programs will search for the updates for no reason to force you to update. If you do download the updates, I would save back ups of them for future needs

The Combo obviously has more things, that you can use, and thus the reason it is called a combo, otherwise OSX is perfect out of the box.

2. OSX is perfect the way it is. Their is not much difference between updating and not updating. Just make sure to read up on the differences.

3. Why would you want to customize the install procedure for this OS????? If you have no clue of it's uses then their is no reason to alter it. Take Linux, people have made billion versions of Linux for different reasons. They even have Linux for DJ's to control lights, images, and etc. Linux for boat computers, that does things with that, etc.

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<snip>Being that it runs on PPC<snip>
This says otherwise about PowerPC.


I believe they now use Intel Processors.


Also see this for OS-X Versions -


This confirms that it's an Intel Processor and indicates "free upgrade" to later releases (up to v10.9 "Maverick") -


Errr, I wouldn't depend on that "perfect the way it is", otherwise these Security Updates wouldn't be indicated.


This must be the "smaller" one you mentioned -


which also has a link to "fixed security updates"

This must be the "larger" one -


also having the same link.

The -difference- between them is told right there in the "system requirements" of each. The small one -requires- that 10.6.5 be installed (a prerequisite), the large one covers v10.6 thru v10.6.5 inclusive.

JFYI, Googling indicates that there is an even -later- update to v10.6.8.


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