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innounp batch processing question

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hi all

does anyone here how to use innounp ? see I'm having problems trying to work out how to get the batch processing working when i type

c:\test\innounp.exe -x c:\test\setup.exe

everything works as it should and the installed is unpacked however i have several installers that i want to unpack and i don't want to have to unpack each individually now according to the web site if I've understood it correctly it should be possible to have inno unpack process all files in a given directory by substituting the individual installer with dirname\*.* so

c:\test\innounp.exe -x c:\test\setup.exe


c:\test\innounp.exe -x c:\test\*.*

problems is that doesn't seem to work and inno unpack chokes and gives an error that it cant find the file specified and i don't understand why because as far as i can tell i have the proper command i tried looking round for additional documentation that might shed some light on what I'm doing wrong but all i keep finding is copies of what is on the inno unpack web site and that's not specific enough

anyone got any ideas ?

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