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MS Dos Command - Time


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Changing it from the DOS prompt via the 'time' command is a more convenient way to do the same thing (that's one of the things that the 'time' command does for you, since about MS/PC-DOS 3.2 +/- 0.1). Changing it from Windows probably also updates the RTC, although I've never verified this.


Thanks Joe, it's all strange though as since I corrected the time while in BIOS it has been not too bad and currently is about 8 seconds behind, whereas at one time it appeared to be about 5 minutes behind all of a sudden.

Setting the time in Windows will set the RTC.

System time can lag significantly behind the RTC if the system becomes too busy to update. I have seen this happen often with some programs.

The thing is though my system time is always the same as the RTC on my computer anyway, so does this mean that it looks like it is my battery needing replacing? due to the fact it loses time with the correct time GMT.

I take it when you mention RTC you refer to the clock on the motherboard circuit?

Like I say this clock on the MB is always the same as the time shown on DOS or Windows, and that can be seconds out of the correct time whatever that may be.

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Yes. The RTC is a chip on the motherboard. It used to be a Motorola MC146818 CMOS RTC, way back when... nowadays it's included into the chipset, AFAIK.

An yes, I'd say your battery is getting bad or that there is insuficient contact between the battery and either or both socket's contacts. I'd change the battery, and make sure it's well seated into its socket.

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