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What is the $OEM$ folder in kurt_aust xp64 directory


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$OEM$ is a folder that is created by the user or some programs for unattended installs of operative systems. It has its own folder structure that can be read and executed by Windows Setup.

For reference, see the pic at the bottom of this page http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/59/ . For more reference, just Google it


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I don't have this on my disc. Waht is it for? Where did it come from and what is in it? Yes this might be a stupid question but it would be nice to know.

throbert, where do you see the $OEM$ folder in Kurt_Aust's stuff? I use his procedure and see nothing in my $OEM$ folder that looks like it came from Kurt_Aust. The folder is created by nLite to do some work during XP installation. I have also added some file/folders to mine. Are you running nLite? If so, please attach your Last Session.ini. Enjoy, John.

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