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Win Setup from USB, Installing windows 2000 (WIN2K) from USB: BSOD us

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I'm trying to install Windows 2000 from USB using WinSetupFromUSB 1.0. The USB disk is prepared without errors. The disk also boots normally. However, during the text based setup of windows 2000, I get this Blue screen of death message: "The file usbehci.sys could not be found."

I've tried the USB disk on two computers and both give the same message. It doesn't seem computer dependant. I've tried slipstreaming SP4, but I still get the same BSOD (eventhough I don't remember whether it was exactly usbechi or something similar).

I've tried an older version of the program, but get a different BSOD (inaccessible boot disk).

Log file attached.


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The program did not detect that source is 2000.

Have a look around this post how to fix it:

Thank you for your reply. I've tried the following:

mkdir c:\Win2000
xcopy e: C:\Win2000 /E /H
notepad.exe C:\Win2000\i386\txtsetup.sif

Copied files from CD-ROM to Hard disk.



wks_id = "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional"

wks_id_vga = "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional [VGA mode]"

becomes, copy pasted from:


wks_id = "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional"

wks_id_vga = "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional [VGA mode]":

The original looked the same, but tried it anyway. Maybe something with the caps? ;)

Used "WinSetupFromUSB 1.0 beta5", formated with Bootice: USB-HDD Single and Grub4dos mbr.

Add to usb disk:

check Windows 2000/XP/2003 setup and picked the C:\Win2000 folder.

Test in QEMU gave same error. :no:

What am I doing wrong?

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On the USB disk the "txtsetup.sif" has been amended?


wkscd = "Windows 2000 Professional CD-ROM"

wks1 = "Windows 2000 Professional Setup Boot Disk"

wks2 = "Windows 2000 Professional Setup Disk #2"

wks3 = "Windows 2000 Professional Setup Disk #3"

wks4 = "Windows 2000 Professional Setup Disk #4"

LogoffSound = "Windows Logoff Sound.wav"

LogonSound = "Windows Logon Sound.wav"

MicrosoftSound = "The Microsoft Sound.wav"

ChannelScreenSaver = "Channel Screen Saver.scr"

ViewChannelsSCF = "View Channels.scf"

ShowDesktopSCF = "Show Desktop.scf"

dg18d50 = "Diamond Compatible 5000K G1.8.icm"

dg18d65 = "Diamond Compatible 6500K G1.8.icm"

dg18d93 = "Diamond Compatible 9300K G1.8.icm"

dg22d50 = "Diamond Compatible 5000K G2.2.icm"

dg22d65 = "Diamond Compatible 6500K G2.2.icm"

dg22d93 = "Diamond Compatible 9300K G2.2.icm"

hg18d50 = "Hitachi Compatible 5000K G1.8.icm"

hg18d65 = "Hitachi Compatible 6500K G1.8.icm"

hg18d93 = "Hitachi Compatible 9300K G1.8.icm"

hg22d50 = "Hitachi Compatible 5000K G2.2.icm"

hg22d65 = "Hitachi Compatible 6500K G2.2.icm"

hg22d93 = "Hitachi Compatible 9300K G2.2.icm"

ng18d50 = "NEC Compatible 5000K G1.8.icm"

ng18d65 = "NEC Compatible 6500K G1.8.icm"

ng18d93 = "NEC Compatible 9300K G1.8.icm"

ng22d50 = "NEC Compatible 5000K G2.2.icm"

ng22d65 = "NEC Compatible 6500K G2.2.icm"

ng22d93 = "NEC Compatible 9300K G2.2.icm"

srgb = "sRGB Color Space Profile.icm"

tg18d50 = "Trinitron Compatible 5000K G1.8.icm"

tg18d65 = "Trinitron Compatible 6500K G1.8.icm"

tg18d93 = "Trinitron Compatible 9300K G1.8.icm"

tg22d50 = "Trinitron Compatible 5000K G2.2.icm"

tg22d65 = "Trinitron Compatible 6500K G2.2.icm"

tg22d93 = "Trinitron Compatible 9300K G2.2.icm"


; When localizing for one of the FE languages, set the

; appropriate xxxdir string to "", i.e., for Japanese

; jpndir = "". Then make sure that the Japanese files

; in the langpack\jpn directory in the US product are moved into the

; \i386 and/or \alpha directory for the localized product.

; Otherwise winnt32 won't copy them. No other changes will

; be required in the layout.inx file.


jpndir = "\langpack\jpn"

kordir = "\langpack\kor"

chtdir = "\langpack\cht"

chsdir = "\langpack\chs"

MUI_PRIMARY_LANG_ID_DIR = "system32\mui\0009"

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I've edited the txtsetup.sif file in the C:\Win2000\I386\ folder and added the recommended string above. Ran the program again, used the same settings, now QEMU starts the Win2K installation properly!

Thanks for your help.

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Sorry for another reply, but I want to make this clear for future users.

First you run the program, then you edit the (modified) txtsetup.sif file and then run the program another time.

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