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How to know what switches to use


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if u use nlite addon maker there are already programs and which switches to use.

but its outdated.

any chance of updating it/

i am still struggling to make an addon of my silent install office 2003. i just need to know what switch to use for my unattend.mst file

no one is replying to my posts

no one and i am getting frustrated

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As for blocking Autorun, Microsoft solved it with an update http://www.microsoft...9e-e64ecfb35d74 and then a second update http://www.microsoft...&displaylang=en

You can install these on both Windows XP with SP2 and SP3.

Anyway, Panda USB Vaccine uses INNO setup, so you can use


Edit: I have prepared an add-on for Panda USB Vaccine which you can download here http://www.mediafire...CINE_1. or in my signature.

MD5: 4f4c7e1f581528b35fa47237d2b6d3c2

Size: 810 KB


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thanks both of you. the reason why we should learn to make our own addons is simpply because i know what is best for my pc, others might differ. its a choice of taste. but from experience i only use nod32 (best av), mbam to check my malware and panda usb vaccine for usb keys. i never have to format my pc

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i found the error. i used the universal switch finder to add the command. i used it from the original msi instead of the one i renamed to nod32.msi

but what confuses me is that the command used in the config tut is:


Title="NOD 32 Antivirus"



ExecuteParameters="/i nod32.msi /qn"


command generated from universal switch finder = msiexec.exe /i "nod32.msi" /qb

so must they be different or is it qn or qb

another thing. the orginal installer version differs from my updated nod32. it upgraded the version number while updated. temeber i included my cfg.xml file i exported

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From msiexec.exe:


Sets user interface level

n - No UI

b - Basic UI

r - Reduced UI

f - Full UI (default)

Ergo, if you use /qn, you will see no windows at all, and you will not need to participate in the install.

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