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What are the chances for this to work?

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Hi All,

I have got this hard drive which is not seen by the computer.



I have found this drive one ebay


What do you say?

Before I order this drive, is it can work for PCB swap and/or Head swap?

Many Thanks!

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Knowing you (and your level of expertise) your chances are NIL.

(No offence, btw)

  • First of all you want to swap the PCB of a 120GB drive with one of
    a 80GB drive :unsure:
    Maybe in that you *might* be able to succeed, but unlike Seagate drives
    Western Digital drives store their drive-specific data (calibration data,
    head-alignments, etc.) on an (EE)PROM on the PCB and not on the platters,
    so you'll have to solder that (SMD) component over as well.
  • Second: because of the size (and therefor the platter-) differences,
    the heads of both drives will be different.

If I recall correctly: in a prior thread, you were advised by someone to

practice first with a working, non crucial, drive; opening its case in a

clean (-ish) room, removing the heads and replacing them again, to see if

the drive still works after re-assembly.

When you've succeeded, practice over and over again a couple of times before

actually trying to perform the operation on a drive that needs data recovery.

And only try it with parts you know are compatible; it's for a reason data-

recovery services have cabinets full of different donor-drives to temporary

swap parts with.

I can only emphasize this again: harddrives ARE NOT crystal radio-sets that

can suffer a bit of rough handling, but highly sensitive and complex devices. :wacko:

...although: I do appreciate your persistence :yes:



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...although: I do appreciate your persistence :yes:

I don't. :(

@CrazyDoctor, you have already been told WHAT to look for to determine if a drive is compatible and WHERE to find the info.

You have also been already told how switching a PCB should be done AND the procedure that is needed (soldering/desoldering, etc.).

You have also been told that a Head swap is NOT something within your capabilities (yet).

You cannot ask the same questions, every time you get a new dead hard disk, comeon...:)

If the question is to be intended literally:

Before I order this drive, is it can work for PCB swap and/or Head swap?

What do you say?

The answer is NO, and additionally even if the PCB was compatible, I seriously doubt you would be able to do a proper PCB swap, and I am pretty sure you would be able to do a head swap. :ph34r:


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