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My computer screen went all black


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So yea, I was just browsing the forums, no games or anything were played since I booted, and all of the sudden my screens (got dual) went black and couldn't do anything else. If I remember correctly they (screens) did not went into safe mode.

I restarted, and I think since from ever I installed Win XP 2 years ago I got a chkdisk starting at boot-up. It did found some errors at the 2 of 3 step.

So now the question is, is it my OS? My GPU? My HDD? Could the HDD fail?

Wasn't exactly sure where to put this thread either, if either here or under hardware.

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Anything could fail. I don't think it's HDD nor software but it's hard to be sure at this point. If people got a clear idea you would have a lot of replies by now but this could be PSU, CPU, RAM or video card indeed.

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