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User-Access level sharing - 9x Hosted?

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I don't know if this has been asked before or not but I've searched the internet for information such as the format of the calles 98 makes to an NT server to get the user list but have come up with nothing...

I am wondering, is there a way to host a local userlist so User-level sharing can be used on files and possibly this list could be shared like NT does.

If there currently is nothing that does this can one be made, how does the communication start, what format does the list travel, would it have to be a dll/extencion (like kex) or could it be a program/deamon if it were easyer to make (I have limated skills in vb/vb.net)

Thanks for the information,



Ok, Maybe it will help if I try to put something on the table.

OK after searching the registry I found that HKLM/network/security has a key called provider. In this key it has msad.dll. I assume this is what deals, or at least 'should' deal with username requests however I don't think it works. I tried getting a packet sniffer to run but this caused me a lot of hasstle, a the one I chose led me round in circles to find one that ran, i.e. it said download an earlyer version which then said it was corrupt.

Can someone help me?

Oh, I also found out that I can add names to the list without clicking add and by using the registry. In the same kay there is a key called shares or something (right above) which breaks down to Admin and anything shared.

If you type a username as a string here it will appear in the properties menu for said shared folder. However I have inconclusive evidance this workes because although I added the uswername of the user on my other computer it said Authorisation Failed, even with the computername/username or even just the computername (Same as workgroup)...

I am going to try and make both user level to see if this works.


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Ok, yes this is a bump but also a new question.

As well as above I was woundering if anyone knew how windows 'logs in'?

I found a key in LocalMachine/system/control called currentuser and it contained the current user eg "trevor89"

But how does windows use this and then change the registry to the current user if more than one existed?

The reason is I am trying to make a new Logon Box that will set up system policies based on "Access Level".

The project will try to be for 9x and above however, concentrated on 9x as xp cannot bypass the gina (Unless Im missing something).

Thanks for any help,


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The original SMB/CIFS documents from MS should be somewhere on ftp.microsoft.com (don't ask where, I don't remember, and MS keep moving stuff around or worse, deleting it).

Beyond the limited information there, most of the available information is reversed engineered and documented by people involved in the Samba project.

The "last working version for 9X" information by the Wireshark people is a load of BS. The version they state, when you find it, has a single byte corruption, which a user from Brazil once identified and reported in an Ethereal forum. However, once you fix that byte, the stupid thing doesn't work properly on 9X anyway. The version you want is "0.10.14" (if anyone can find a version history list that makes sense of their crazy numbering system, please let us know).

Another possibility that I haven't confirmed, is to install WinPcap version 4.0beta2 and then Wireshark version 0.99.something (maybe 0.99.4?) without WinPcap.

Update: For some reason (perhaps "DLL Hell"), Ethereal 0.10.14 no longer works on my machine unless KernelEx is installed. Also, Wireshark 0.99.4 (which incidentally doesn't need WinPcap 4.0beta2, after all) works fine on my machine with KernelEx installed. Finally, versions 0.99.5 to 0.99.6a can be tricked into working but seem to decode packets in real-time, which hogs the machine (not sure if this is standard behaviour).

BTW, what's "gina"?


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Network Logon, not Windows Logon (for 9x). Windows Logon does not allow access to NT-type systems. In addition the User has to be defined on the NT system and there must be an associated password. The reverse is not necessarily true as there is no facility in Win9x for particular users or groups (activated via the Sharing/Security in a running NT system). Access this direction is "wide open" (see the Win9x Folder Sharing tab and compare to an NT Folder Sharing tab). Simple File Sharing only for Win9x. Also note USER.PWL in the Windows folder (9x) compared to NTUSER.DAT (NT). Not sure where a "password" would be stored for Win9x (never tried it that way).

XP Home/Pro and up (and Vista/Seven) non-Server allow "fast user switching" for "more than one user". Servers only allow for a single logged on user (like Win9x).

Not far off course on this info (but probably not entirely accurate).

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