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Fellow Tech Junkies....I need you assistance.


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Yes, I know what you're thinking. Not this guy again. Yeah It's me. Luckily, today's issue is a small one *whew*. I simply can't find 2 drivers for a shuttle xpc SS30G2 desktop that work under windows vista.

1. SiS Mirage Graphics or SiS661FX/760/741/M661FX/M760/M741 GUI 2D/3D Accelerator (it install the microsoft driver by default. I would like to use the one from sis if possible cause aero doesn't work with the microsoft driver)

2. VIA OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller (installs, but has a exclamation point beside it in device manager)

Those are my only issues. I tried several drivers from sis.com, but none seem to work.

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I used this for my SIS Mirage graphics on XP (in other words, that's the driver). Just in case the url doesn't get pasted right (or SIS sometimes changes the URL), it is "SiS UniVGA3 graphics driver". Unfortunately, no mention of Vista in the readme.txt, but it might work... maybe. :(


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Next step is to get the HwIDs for these devices, then go get the Vista driverpacks and do a string search. That's my usual step.

Having an exclamation point in Device Manager is not enough information about the Firewire. There are over 40 codes that can make the <!> show up, and less than 10 of those codes deal with the wrong or no driver installed. If its a Code 10, remove the device and reboot. If it still comes up as a Code 10, verify no resource conflicts, and that FireWire is enabled in the BIOS.

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It is a code 10 for the open host controller so I'll try a string search on that site. What's weird about is that this driver installs perfectly on xp and windows 7, but not vista. As for the video card, I can't get it to work properly in vista or seven so I'm gonna go get a cheap nvidia graphics card today.

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A Code 10 return means one of the following:

1. The wrong driver is installed. This can happen if you are like me and like to modify drivers to work with devices they are not written for.

2. The device is disabled in the BIOS, but the BIOS still makes its resources available, thus Windows can detect it. Notorious example: the Webcam on the EEE PC.

3. The device is enabled but there is something physically wrong with it.

4. The device did not fully enumerate at the time of loading the driver for the first time during Windows boot. Basically, Windows will load the driver, but if it does not get a response from the device ( like #2 ) it will show this error. Sometimes you can simply uninstall the device from Device Manager and reboot, and Windows will be able to load the driver properly.

5. The device isn't physically present. Some programs ( you could even do this manually ) can install drivers without those devices even being inside the system. Original driver installers needed to do this to compensate for non-PnP OSes, or systems that had that option disabled. For some reason, some drivers still can install this way. You see these legacy installers in devices that have instructions to say install the driver, shut the PC down and then physically install the device.

6. There is also the possibility that a driver did not unload properly on the system. You MAY be able to see them by showing Hidden Devices. If not, it will show up in Safe Mode. Windows 98 was notorious for this, as it would technically keep all devices installed (only visible in safe mode) and often create duplicates. They would end up goofing up new devices if you tried using them.

But the most important question is, do you really need the Firewire to be installed? Will you be using it? You may be able to disable it in the system BIOS and that (hopefully, see #2 ) will make Windows stop seeing it. Personally, I disable anything I'm not using on the system. For me that includes, Parallel, Serial, Firewire, etc.

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To be honest I really don't need firewire at all. I'll look in the bois and see if there's an option to disable it. It's probably best that I disable the other things I don't use aw well. Thanks for that suggestion and all of your help.

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Decided to revisit this topic and ask another question. Do you think this pc could be upgraded from a dual core to a quad core processor? I don't know what's required to handle a quad core processor so I'll just list my current specs below:

Shuttle XPC SS30G2

Intel Pentium D 2.80GHz Dual Core Processor (LGA775 Slot)

NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB Graphics Adapter

32-Bit and 64-Bit Capability

2GB RAM (DDR2 PC2-6400

640GB Internal Western Digital Sata Hard Drive (7200 RPM)

1TB External Western Digital Sata Hard Drive

Realtek AC'97 Audio

1MB L2 Cache

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