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Need help with detecting that PCB

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Hi All,

I have that HD:


With that PCB:



I suspect that the PCB is burnt.

I found this alternative PCB.


Is it good for me? or I need the BIOS chip replacement?

Best Regards,

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Maybe it was "Anybody?" or "Nobody?" and the answer seems like evident: NO.

To clear hopefully the plot:

  1. you ask a question
  2. someone replies to you, trying to help you
  3. you don't reply or reply to say that you are gonna try to do another (technically absurd) thing, (examples):

  4. you ask another question (possibly very similar or exactly the same as one already posted and replied to you, probably also showing that you completely fail to listen to the previously given advice)- (example):

Please do read ATTENTIVELY this:

page__view__findpost__p__926790?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

page__view__findpost__p__926794?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

and please re-read ATTENTIVELY this:

Currently this thread is your flat tire and these are your CNC routers:

Is it so surprising that members of the board won't continue help you in running your repair business after the few first items? :unsure:

Now, what :w00t: is the difficult part in :


Remarks: If your original board all is the same but the HDD firmware or DCM number is different. You need to change the BIOS chip from original board to the replacement board, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your HDD. If you need us help you to swap the BIOS chip, please contact us. Thank you.

Your DCM:


Those DCM's:



Is the DCM the same? :unsure:


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You know it's pretty easy to swap a BIOS chip on a PCB with the right tools...

Sure, the ones that look almost, but not quite, completely unlike the soldering gun you showed:


which can easily have a current/voltage leak through the transformer, besides being usually in the 80/100W range, which means that it will likely melt the whole stoopid little thingie! :w00t:

More something like ;):


Ever guessed why something like these:



exist? :unsure:


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