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WPI 8 conditions


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I need network support for my family's computers so I don't have to copy the whole stuff 600mb+ with small files that takes time to copy as you know. (edit)If also a friend brings his laptop(s) to my house I will be able to reinstall withought to waiting to eject flash drive or copying procedure.

I was meaning that network administrators will be happy but a proper wpi will also release our hands too in a home network. If you disable it I'm with you I agree It's a powerful tool, too hard to support. I've already read about the licencing and if could I would suggest more ideas for protecting it. I have a very good friend who is a android app developer and I know how it is going...

Well no I do not have business or being an employee somewhere. I wish I was because even me can do better work sometimes. As you may noticed in my last posts I can hardly write a cmd command... I'm making unattended for fun mostly. When reformatting a friends pc I have to be in his home for 4 hours and I have to remember all and do all because they don't know even the basics and most times there are many lose ends.

About vlc I didn't have a clue what to install in my amd64 3500+ 1gb ram. I had my xp for years now. I've installed a 30 days trial x64 system but ram was not enough. And now each or half year I'm installing either my old xp pro or 7 home premium x86 an I was thinking to try xp x64 but I have no clue where was the last time I found 30days trial xp...

I have an old pentium 2 which needed nlited xp to the bone and the light version of winamp when the others two can run winamp new.

Also others have one system or another.

Most people I met even in a computer store services learn about wpi from me. They don't even know it and I suspect they don't know about unattended installation a thing in my country.

(Edit) Until now Ι haven't used wpi for nothing. I've first tried since 8.1.0 version and I've been for a year or more trying to make it work. I was trying to use it along with command: "for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a"" to update easily. Without this it was just the same for me to add in sfx each program and run from runonce with "for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a"" to install some dropped in the same folder sfx. I have learn before one or two weeks how to make it work with this command.

(Edit)Also I belong to doctors family. They would never leave me as a kid to follow anything else. I did not make it but I'm just working in paramedics Sector.

(Edit)I shared more information than I had to. I hope you respect it.... When I use this application and do what I like generally: "helping people" Then I'll support you and this project with the only way I can....

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