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  1. Hi, Can I set multiple conditions? I've tried "cond1" and "cond2" or "cond1" "cond2" But then WPI fails to load the config. It comes up empty. For example, I want to prepare my WPI to fit 32/64 bit and XP/WIN7, so I try to check OS ver and bit... Edited - sorry, just found the option exist, although not in the manual...
  2. WPI Hebrew fonts

    Hi again, Sorry, I wasn't clear from the begining... I mean at first restart after XP installation, I have WPI starting... but have the hebrew problem... How do I enable the hebrew or unicode support? Can it be done as part of the unattended installation of XP? Thanks, kmosh.
  3. WPI Hebrew fonts

    Hi, Yes, I use English system. How do I know if I have Unicode support? How do I install it? Thanks, kmosh.
  4. Hi, When I chose hebrew language, can't get to see the text in hebrew. Added Ariel and Verdana font files in \tools\fonts and added run fontinstaller, but still no luck. Please advice... Thanks, Kmosh Solved!! Add regional setting in the unattended file: [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=12,1 SystemLocale=0000040d UserLocale=0000040d InputLocale=0409:00000409
  5. Setup Slideshow

    Sorry, missed it first time. thanks websee
  6. Setup Slideshow

    Hi, I would realy appriciate someone to post slideshow.hta file. How should it look like? I looked at wpi.hta and there is no filelist.js file. Or even better if a link to the complete files for the slideshow would be provided... Thanks, Kmosh.
  7. Restarting

    Hi, You need an exe that restarts the machine ( like shutdown.exe ). In the GuiRunOnce , put this command after the setup commands. Moshe K.
  8. First, the Runonceexe can run only One command. secondly, you can use the $oem$ method so windows will install your drivers automaticly...
  9. HI, I've just started looking for the same solution today. can you please post the script you used with bartPE to do this? will be greatly appreciated..........
  10. Hi all, Is it possible to fully automate the installation of windows on a new PC, including automation of creation and formating of partitions? Thanks, Moshe K.