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uninstall SP3


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I don't remember specifics off of the top of my head, but this behavior reminds me of similar behavior of an older virus/worm that shows up after installation of a service pack due specifically to some of the changes that SP2 and SP3 do to a system during install, thus causing the malicious code to "break" and start to show up obviously in task manager like this with those two specific binaries over and over, and should be treated as such. In task manager, on the processes tab, if you click view > select columns, one of the options is "Command Line". I am guessing you'll see either services.exe or cmd.exe being started from somewhere other than \Windows\System32, which would indicate for sure the infection.

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There are quite a number of virii that do something like that:


AFTER a thorough antivirus scan, if the behaviour continues, check this:



The autorun key should be blank however it had cmd.exe in it as soon as this was removed the fault stopped without restart.


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