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HFSLIP & XP Tablet Edition


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Recently, I decided to try out HFSLIP on XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 with SP2 originally. (I ran Belarc & there were about 113 updates missing! :blink: ) HFSLIP to the rescue....

You may wonder why I'm writing about this right about now, but I was pretty surprised HFSLIP worked. Why? Well, if you look on the official website, there is a page that talks about Windows XP MCE 2005 under the Guidelines tab. Based on what's there, I really thought it would not work because XP Tablet PC Edition meets the requirements.

(SOURCE\CMPNENTS\MEDIACTR\I386 exists & well, it's XP. I checked for the SOURCE\CMPNENTS\NETFX\I386 folder as well & it was there. The only thing that was different for me was that I only had one DVD; the files were about 100 MB or so larger than a CD's maximum storage capacity.

After I used HFSLIP 1.7.10H, build 100227, the log file labeled the OS in the SOURCESS folder as Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP3 English.)

Yeah, so I was a little confused. ahaha :blushing: After some reading, I found out that XP Tablet PC Edition is not Media Center Edition at all; it is based on XP Professional. I checked with Microsoft Update & it only said I needed 4 updates:

kb892130 (WGA validation tool) as usual,

kb953295 (.NET Framework 1.0 SP3) because I didn't include it,

kb973923 (Update for C++ 2005 SP1 Redist Package) for a program I installed &

kb968816 (update for Win Media Format Runtime 9, 9.5 & 11 for XPSP3) as usual.

It looks like every thing went okay. :)

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Well, both Tablet PC and MCE (Media Center Edition) are based on XP Professional, but there are major differences in how the extras are added, and the impact that causes on trying to add some of the updates to them, primarily SP3. Tablet PC can be slipstreamed with SP3, for example, while MCE cannot, at least not easily. It can be done, a Google search of the web will turn up some solutions, some even on MS's own site, but it takes some finagling. And then other things are effected, such as the addition of WMP 11. The implementations for XP and MCE are slightly different, etc, etc. But it's good to know that HFSLIP seems to work on Tablet PC, even if it doesn't identify it correctly.

Cheers and Regards

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Ack! So I still don't have it quite right about the differences between Media Center edition & Tablet PC Edition.... D'oh! (Cheese & bread!)

Yikes... It's time for me to do more reading.... :wacko: ~LOL~

All I did was use the same updates I had in the HF folder from a previous slip of XP Home, the same as what's on Mimo's list.... IE8 & Media Player seemed to slip with no problems.... (MS Updates didn't ask for a ton of updates after the install.) The tablet functionalities are all still there, too. None of the updates I used had WindowsXPMediaCenter2005*.exe format & I didn't use any of the instructions/downloads (main rollup, subrollups) from page regarding MCE 2005 or the fdv fileset.

I checked in the system properties under My Computer ~again~ (because I still am amazed) & it does say XP Tablet PC Edition 2005; I was pretty stoked about it... :lol:

Tablet PC Edition is probably my favorite version of XP now... (I think the only versions I haven't seen are MCE, starter, x64 & embedded...) Tablet really doesn't take up a lot of space (about 7gigs after installing some programs; haven't installed any intensive programs like MS Office/Open Office etc. yet, though; most I may put on is Office)... It probably could've been used on netbooks (e.g. Dell Mini 9 era)....

Thanks for setting me straight on that bit about MCE being also based on XP Pro.... :D

Edit: I forgot to say that the computer I tested the slip on was an HP TC1100. I didn't use a lot of the original programs that came with the computer. (They were interesting at 1st because I was new to pen computing, but they easily became junk, as they are pretty outdated by now.)

The only program that would not install was something called HP Mobile Printing. (I don't know if it doesn't work with SP3 or something.) ~shrugs~ I will try to see if I find a solution and whether my old HP printer will work with the tablet....

Oh yes.... & my slip was a very basic one... (I didn't do anything complex; I'm not there yet.) :lol:


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