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Restart Problem when using nLite created WinXP Disk


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First off I would like to say...."This is some really awesome software!!!" IMO much better than the MS OPK Tools for XP, and A LOT easier and quicker to setup. However I am have one little hang-up.

I'll explain :

I just became familiar with nLite only a few days ago, so be nice to me. I have been researching, watching tutorials etc. to get as much newbie knowledge on using this software as I can. I started small, basically trial and error, creating a few coasters, and playing with the different options...

1st disk was a basic Win XP Home SP2 slipstreamed with SP3, and worked perfectly.

2nd disk I added drivers for my testing machine and was successful.

Next disk, Win XP Home SP3 with ALL critical updates, IE8 by Onepiece, and drivers, which again was successful.

I then learned to make my own add-ons for the software installs I want to happen, and this is where my hang-up has started. It seems that most of the apps (addons) I created for the install seem to work great, but something is causing a restart during the add-ons installation process. (I believe Windows shows Registering Components at this point)

So I went back and created a WinXP SP3 + Crit Updates + IE8 and only included the latest Adobe AcroRead, Flash, Shockwave and Java. And still get a restart during the addon installation. I have a sneaky suspicion its Flash causing this. Anyone have any thought or knowledge how I can be more certain and how to correct it?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Firstly, I would install a virtual machine instead of wasting CDs. I use VirtualBox but there's also VMWare and MS Virtual PC.

I'm pretty sure the 4 items you mention don't have a restart requirement. Flash just needs the /S switch to install silently so I doubt it's Flash.

I would leave 1 of the 4 out and make an ISO then test it in a VM till you find the culprit.

PS you posted in the right forum the first time. This has to do with nLite.

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This is not your restart problem but from a cursory glance of your updates, I noticed a couple of things:

You cant use the WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KBxxxxx-x86-ENU.exe updates directly. See this thread. WindowsMedia9-KB969878-x86-ENU.exe is for a codec (DirectShow WMA Voice Codec) that doesn't come with XP.

Can you post the entries.ini for java.zip?

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Ah Ha I see what you mean about media player updates , and what spoiled said about IE8 updates. Thanks for the mention about Virtual Box too. Got it running and saves some time burning coasters. I will upload my entries.ini in a bit, all the files are on my machine at work.

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I created my own add-ons, cept for the IE8 by Onepiece. And yes I did search for (already made) addons for the applications I needed, but I found that most were old versions of the program. So I researched how to get what I needed done. BTW ty for that java addon link. currently I am working on a new iso without the IE8 Updates and the Windows media updates, gonna see if that stops the reboot issue. I wish there were an easier way to determine which updates and hotfixes/patches to leave out of the addon process for maybe actual update post install.

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Well, I took another look at your Last Session.ini and I see you included Java, Flash&Shockwave Player and Adobe Reader. I have to tell you there are up-to-date add-ons for all of those programs. If there is a specific add-on you haven't found, you can post a request in the Application Add-ons sub-forum of nLite.

Adobe Reader: http://www.winaddons.com/adobe-reader-93/

Flash Player for IE: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/141826-release-adobe-flash-player-v100452-activex-add-on/ or http://win-x.co.cc/updates.html

Flash and Shockwave: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6785


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i was integrating XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_1.2.1_20100309.7z from RyanVM site into a Multiboot OEM XP Pro pre-intg SP3 32bits disc, through nL 1.4.91, on a WinXP-Pro-SP3 computer.

was Receiving Error related to "rvmuppck.inf" missing ...

as well as more Error for these missing files symc810.sys, symc8xx.sys, viaide.sys ...

added "RVMAddons_1.9.2_UH.7z" , and extracted missing files from XP Pro SP2 floppy image(s), and placed those inside I386 ...

those errors were solved.

there were warning+Prompt message for replacing new file with older version for the KB967756 Rollback dll file(s) and for WG Validn tool dll file ... i clicked on 'no' to use the old versions.

when nL finished its integration stages , then i used (not nL, but) the DP's DPs_BASE_8125.exe to integrate drivers, just before making the iso in nL.

but the resulted iso/disc did not work ... when installing (vmware vm) , after 1st reboot, all DPs get decompressed , but then setup just keeps on Rebooting again and again !

these are the things i have in addon list now, in exact order ... (1) RVMAddons_1.9.2_UH.7z , (2) XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack_1.2.1_20100309.7z , (3) KB967756 Rollback 2010-03_1 , (4) OnePiece_Microsoft.NET_Framework_v1.1.4322.2443_True_AddOn_ENU.cab , (5) MS RunTime Libraries Pack v1.4.8 , (6) KB933579 hotfix , (7) WIC 1.0.1 , (8) KB971314 hotfix , (9) OnePiece IE 7 v2009 , (10) HashTab 3.0 , (11) Open Command Prompt Shell Ext v2.0.3.0 , (12) 7-Zip 4.65 , (13) CPU-Z 1.51 , (14) GPU-Z 0.3.9 , (15) ImgBurn 2.5.10 , (16) VLC 1.0.5 , (17) Media Player Classic , (18) Real Alternative 2.0.1 , (19) Quick Time Alternative 3.1 , (20) google-talk , (21) Java Runtime Env 6 upd 18 , (22) Firefox 3.6 , (23) Opera 10.50 , (24) Safari 4.0.3 , (25) Notepad++ 5.6.7 , (26) Adobe Flash Plugin , (27) Adobe Flash ActiveX , (28) .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 v2009.10.24 yumeyao , (29) DirectX End User Runtimes (x86-32) v0.9.0 , (30) doPDF 7.1.330 , (31) Audacity 1.2.6 , (32) VirtualDub 1.9.8 , (33) Free Download Manager 3.0.848 , (34) GIMP 2.6.7 , (35) Pidgin 2.6.6 , (36) Thunderbird 3.0.3 , (37) Unknown Device Identifier 7.0 , (38) Sysinternals Suite v2010-01-14 , (39) Multi-Patch: UXTHEME.DLL v1.4 , (40) Aquanox v1.0 , (41) Dougiefresh Ram Disk v3.0 , (42) Process Priority Saver 1.98_v1 , (43) Unicode Vista SP2 v1.626.6002.16497 , (44) IE7Pro 2.4.7 , (45) Windows Genuine Validation Tool v1.9.40.0-2 , (46) ieSpell .

what may cause this type of behavior ? how should i fix/do it ?


~ Tareek . Mar22,2K10,7:36P,U-08:00.



i've made another iso, removed #4 & #28 .Net Frameworks, added 1 .Net Framework AIO Pack ( by user jd976 ) that have 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 etc, removed #39 PatchAddon_UXTHEME_v14a.7z, and used nLite's own Theme patching feature.

this time, neither any DPs were integrated through that DriverPack_Base_exe, nor through nLite, then that iso installation completed without any problem :)

since this disc already had an older DP for MassStorage already integrated into it, related hardware got detected, but most other hardware stuff remained undetected :(

during Registering Components (13 mins remaining to complete) stage, and after 2nd time it reboots, WinXP setup took long time. but after that worked regularly, (but with the, 30 days remaining for activation warning tray icon).

so it was the DPs which was conflicting and causing this restart behavior, in my case.

how can i integrate full DPs (DriverPacks), without such "restart" / "reboot" bug ?


~ Tareek . Mar23,2K10,2:16A,U-08:00.

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