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Home vs Pro


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Following my previous request,

I would like to know

how many of slipstreamers

have faced issues with XP Home edition,

and how did they manage it?

[i have no slipstreaming issue with XP, but some with Home]


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Hello Piko (TIA)! I'm just a regular user & have slipstreamed XP Home (English) about 3 times for 3 different computers. (Gosh, that's too much XP!) I didn't have any problems. I always started out with SP3 already slipstreamed into the source, so HFSLIP wouldn't have to bother to do it (& hopefully save time).

I will post in your other topic because I see some minor problems with the log files--just by looking at it. However, I really don't know if those small things would put out those error messages you are seeing.

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