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  1. Ho, it's good to be back! Well done, pals ! : Actually, I had to finally install XP Home whatever the way, so I did it the boring and long standard way... Good to know there was a real issue with XP Home French, and better, that you all fixed it. [ I was feeling sad, being sole on issue that no one else had, I thought I was only doing a real crapjob with that great SW!] Alltogether, we are stronger! Congrats, again, to all! It's a shame that this will soon end, as I read from TommyP, is willing to stop after such a long way, may be because W7 is the new horse. May be it should be considered to switch to Open source licence? Thanks anyway, -- Piko
  2. Hi Mim0, : Keep up the good work, I appreciate it very much, and I am amazed that you and HFSLIP/FC team get the most out of that CMD language that nowadays come closer to a good shell scripting langage than it did 20 years ago! I think there may be something to update, related to this last update, that is: content of version timestamp files, or the way they are used: During update-check part, there is a wrong update report: <code> Update-check... http://people.freenet.de/MisterMoster/hfslip/hfslipfc-xp.ver hfslipfc.ver downloaded DEBUG: used version: 2010/05/01b DEBUG: new version: 2010/05/01b No new version available. Update-check... http://people.freenet.de/MisterMoster/hfslip/hfslipfc.ver hfslipfc.ver downloaded DEBUG: used version: 2010/05/01b DEBUG: new version: 2010/05/01 A newer version of file-checker is available: 2010/05/01 Downloading... Starting new version of file-checker... ------------------------------------------ File-Checker (v.2010/05/01) for HFSLIP See following site for further details: people.freenet.de/MisterMoster/hfslip.htm ------------------------------------------ </code> But content of http://freenet-homepage.de/MisterMoster/hfslip/hfslipfc.ver is : VERSION=2010/05/01 but not VERSION=2010/05/01b So that file hfslipfc.cmd is erroneously downloaded and restarted. Do you get my point? TIA, -- Piko
  3. Argh.. but ... Why HFSLIPFC does not cope with this issue?
  4. Piko

    Home vs Pro

    Following my previous request, I would like to know how many of slipstreamers have faced issues with XP Home edition, and how did they manage it? [i have no slipstreaming issue with XP, but some with Home] TIA
  5. That's what I thought. Your programs works perfectly when I create a Windows XP PRO CD. But fails for a XP Home edition. What a pain in the back, this Home edition... Where should I look first? May it be IE8 related? TIA, -- Piko
  6. See, I have just tried the XP-PRO that has been generated with the same inputs as the XP Home CD: it works ! As far as I remember now, my XP-PRO cd were operational, but my attempts with XP Home were a failure. I am burning the XP-Home without boot path, just in case, but again, I doubt this is the key.
  7. Hello Tommy, Hold on, "0" install path. That's in HFANSWER.INI? Oh yes. Let me check a sec and retry. Well it's a single CD, bootable, no multiboot. I doubt this is the key but I try anyway. Thanks -- Piko
  8. Huh Yeah + I used: HFSLIPFC 2010-03-18 HFSLIP hfslip-1.7.10_beta_H
  9. Hi Folks, Thanks for the great work and contribs from the whole team. Before this problem, I already successfully slipstreamed and used several times XP CD, thanks to HFSLIP, HFSLIPFC. This time, XP Home edition installation yields to a bug at T-13. => Msgbox: Rundll32.exe: not found iertutil.dll file then => Msgbox: RUNDLL: Error loading IEKCS32.DLL It seems to be related to IE (version 8 in this case?) Please find enclosed - HFSLIPFC messages from runnng CMD console - HFSLIP log For short, I use: - source CD: Win XP Home genuine disk French, purchased license key perfectly granted - IE8, WMP11, RDC7 - Burn ISO image to DVD-RW - ALL HF available, except 2 (not mandatory) FYI, after the first incident while installing, a second one occurs: => MsgBox: Unable to find C:\WINDOWS\system32\Wbem\mofcomp.exe Then, at end of install, PC reboots as usual, WXP boots, but after initial WXP splash screen, screen blanks, then PC reboots, and so on, so on. I went through forum topics, but I didn't find a matching issue. Would you be so kind to advice me some reading or procedure to check any further that I prepared the Cd the right way? I have been trying to rebuild the CD several times, change DVD media, suppressing some folders into SOURCE directory, such as \SUPPORT or \VALUEADD, but I come to the same pb. Thanks in advance, Piko hfslipfc-01.txt HFSLIP-log.txt
  10. Hello, First, I would like to thank to all contributors to DriverBackup. Using driverbackupv0.79 on a IBM Thinkpad T60 windowsXPpro, localization=FR (French), it comes to an error on line 1897 see enclosed screenshot. It happens for the first Driver in th list (all non-MS selected) What should I do to solve this issue? TIA, Piko
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