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Windows 98 Freezing Problems


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I wonder if anyone could help me. Recently i was sorting out a family members computer, who has windows 98. They haven't really used it because it was so slow, so i offered to make it faster, and also install new antivirus software.

Now, as they still have dialup (i know still!) i had to go get the installation files from my computer (was gonna use an older version of Avast). However, when i put in the cd, it appeared with "Device is Not ready"

I decided to use the cd drivers floppy disc to reinstall, however there were 2, so i tried both, neither worked.

Now heres the problem, for some reason whenever i try to click on my computer, the computer freezes. It seems as if any program freezes after a minute or two, but i have no idea why.

I have noticed on the start up, some code somes up "MODIFCATION BEGIN" comes up with a CD Drive code, and then "END", then again modifcation begin with a different code.

I am wondering if theres a solution to the problem? I am planning to try a system restore through the MS-DOS tommorrow, but if anyone has any Plan B's i could try i would be grateful!

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It sounds as if you may have multiple problems with this computer.

The "MODIFICATION BEGIN" probably indicates that some program or script is running when the computer starts up that may be causing problems.

First, is there anything listed in the Start Menu\Programs\StartUp folder? If so, what?

Second, click Start, Run, and type MSCONFIG and click OK. Post the contents of the "Startup" tab, and maybe myself or someone else can give you some assistance.

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Looks like the cd drive is broken. This could freeze a machine if there is a cd in it.

Beside that, I'd start by disabling and uninstalling all non-essential softwares, reinstalling windows and then applying the updates available here.

Right, i haven't got a windows 98 installation floppy disc, do you know of any sites which let you download it?

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well i used the "MSCONFIG", went to start up and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

However when i went to autoexec is it? I found those modification things. I unticked them so they are no longer used when the system is running, and now its working fine which is good enough for me.

Thanks for your help.

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Don't know if this is of interest, but I noticed this post too:

No more support for Windows 98 of Avast



I am using Avast for my Win 98Se computer. I found out that they will continue to update the definations for Win98SE. But will no longer upgrade the program for Win9SE. So I set the program Auto upgrade to Manual. Because it was continuesly looping the upgrade downloaad. So far have been getting the new definations daily w/no problems.


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