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need regedit from boot CD


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I've got an XP PC infected with some virus. I managed to get rid of it, but it left the system unable to boot.

I've found too late that I should have made some changes to the registry before rebooting...

So can I use a bootable XP install CDR to run regedit on an existing install? Exactly how do I access that?

Or is there another downloadable ISO with tools that I can use to do this?

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you can make XP bootable rescue disks but lately ive just gotten lazy and started using Vista/7 DVD to recover XP installs.

If you have one available, you can use a Windows Vista/7 DVD to save an XP machine.

just boot off it, select "Repair your Computer", Ignore that it cant find any installs and run command prompt then from there run regedit.

you will have to mount the hives manually using File -> 'Load Hive' then selecting the hive from C:\Windows\System32\Config folder

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