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Drivers Installer Assistant v.6.4.28 PreFinal

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Romeo thank you very much for help :thumbup

its perfect works silent install

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That's a new version of Drivers Installer Assistant (2.3.16 Release Candidate)

Version 2.3.16 RC1 (03.02.2010)

* Problems of translation of several elements of the interface

* Date of release program is no longer taken from the date of the file.

+ Added Italian translation (Translate by JinKazama - http://www.rezet.info) (still partial)

+ Added Lithuanian translation (Translate by stasys44)

+ Fixed the English translation (Thank to stasys44)

+ New functionality allows you to exclude certain HWID from processing.

Default excludes the following: USB ROOT_HUB *; ROOT LEGACY_ *; ROOT MEDIA; STORAGE *; USBSTOR *

Changing the settings available in the Options menu under the 'Supported OS'

! Use this functional must be very carefully

* Ability to change the size of some forms

* Removed several messages at work in quiet mode.

* Fixed offset program when you change screen resolution when running on-demand programs.

- Fixed run on Windows 2000

- Fixed non-functional in the button to change the path to the package Runtimes

- Fixed bug when receiving the file size on some systems

* A few cosmetic changes in the interface.

- Fix error Automation Error (-2147217389)

Added checking for file msinfo.dll on systems below the MS Windows Vista (6.0).

In the library resources of the program added msinfo.dll (version

In the absence of libraries in Windows, the program tries to register.

If the error still appears, the work program is terminated.

* A small change in the text license and donate-information

Links in First Post ot Topic

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Is it possible to modify default driver folder in "drp" to use the same database of driverpack solution (without changing options)?

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Database programs are incompatible - and you have to recreate it. A path to the directory you can modify as you like

You asked about this, or I have misunderstood?

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Work continues on the mistakes of the program. The program has become even faster and more stable ...

In this version of the great attention paid to the group setting, and installing drivers from the files panel Finish - packet driver command Bashrat's.

This version I believe a stable and separates her from the finals only the absence of relevant documentation. But if you find a mistake, it is only plus:)

Was also corrected processing base drivers, so everyone would strongly recommend re-create the Base drivers - it is very easy done through the program interface

Version 2.3.39 PreFinal (09.03.2010)

- Fixed search drivers in the database. Due to an error, some drivers could not get in the list available for installation.

- Fixed several rare error when creating database draverov, some drivers could not get into the base of drivers, because of the curvature of inf-file.

- Fixed some of the functions work on Win2k.

In the distribution program update version devconw2k.exe, work correctly on Windows 2000.

Settings ways also appeared in the interface.

+ Cleaning driver database. Now when you create a database of drivers duplicates HWID are simultaneous matches for "HWID - Catalog - inf-file.

Earlier taken into account and the version name. As a result, the proposed list of drivers for installation can be reduced.

Rates database increased.

+ Now when you create a database of drivers DriverPack *. ini file is copied to the driver database.

As a result of this accelerated installing drivers when the file handling "finish".

Also removed puknty menu: "Define and prescribe classes of driver packages in the settings" and "Edit class and to register the driver package in the setup.

! Attention. To work correctly, this version of the program, drivers need to re-create the database.

* When processing files "finish" is no longer verified the existence of the file installation panels.

This is done for the possibility of the teams start the installation type "cmd.exe /c DEL /F /S /Q %DPSROOT%\D\3run\vcredist_x86_2005_sp1.exe".

- Fixed many errors in the processing finish-files

+ Slightly increased the speed of execution.

- Fixed delete temporary directories, sometimes remained empty folders.

+ Added removal of temporary files that remain after installing the drivers to exit the program.

+ When you run the program checks the version used her system libraries.

If the version is lower than the required program, the program displays a message asking to update the components.

- Fixed bug due to which, sometimes after work DPInst not zapuskazalas processing files "finish" and not be updated tooltips.

* Cleaning and optimization package.

* Fixed minor shortcomings and errors.

+ Added Turkish interface translation (Translate by Rokobozz - www.sgnlive.org)

- Fixed start DPinst (click on the button the driver package), if when you start the program offers a database of drivers for the new packages. Error exists from version 2.3.0.

+ Added a reminder of the "necessity" test to update the program if the older version of the program 30 days.

+ For the parameters PathPhysX, PathLanguages, Runtimes, ExcludeFiles possible indication of the mask. For example - "drivers\XP\DP_Graphics_PhysX*.7z"

- Fixed a logic for the group to install the drivers. Extract all the archives is a common directory, excluding the package name drivers.

- Additional files for the class package Display retrieved at the end of the group set previously unpacked for each selected packet class Display

First Post Edit - Links changes

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Version 2.4.0 PreFinal (21.05.2010)

* Changed the registration of the system libraries (MSFLXGRD.OCX, TabCtl32.Ocx, msinfo.dll, vbscript.dll, RICHTX32.ocx):

If the library or ActiveX component is missing, is extracting a file from the resources of the program and register it in the system, with a preliminary copy the system directory.

If the library or ActiveX component is present, but an older version than the program uses, the default program asks the user to upgrade. Further, in the affirmative, is used before unregistering a file, extract the new file from the resources of the program and register it in the system, with a preliminary copy the system directory.

Request to update you can hide, holding the appropriate settings in the file Settings.ini (SilentDll = 1 in Section [Main])

Update the file vbscript.dll now occurs only for 32-bit systems 2000/XP/2003

+ Added functionality allows you to re-update the status of the buttons (button labels) driver packages. This function is available for a specific driver package (from the context menu), or for all crystals (in the Tools menu)

- Fixed bug due to which the program can not display the driver package, if the previous directory (tab) does not contain the driver package.

For example, if the directory ".\Drivers\XP" - is empty, then the first driver package from the directory ".\Drivers\vista" is not displayed.

+ Added a message to migrate to the site Driverpacks.net, if the program runs without a single driver package.

Some interface elements at the same time blocked to avoid errors.

+ Go to "About" menu item added "Visit DriverPacks.net"

* Updated Archiver 7za to version 9.13 beta.

* Added additional error messages for the appearance of type "ActiveX component can't create object".

- Fixed bug in handling the return code of the program at DPInst Nongroup mode installation. As a result, which in some cases, the processes finish-processing files or update the status of the buttons can be run when it should not have to do.

- Fixed a bug when calling the "story" notation keys.

- Fixed bug when resizing the program window after loading. Error occurs if there was, at least one inactive tab.

* Changed behavior of pop-up window on the possible obsolescence of the program. Now the window does not appear every time you start, but once in 5 days after 45-day period.

* Updated documentation in Russian

Link to download in first post of thread

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is needed translation update for 2.4.0?

Yes desirable to update the language file. If I have something to add, he did it in English. Check your language file

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