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New YouTube Video on MMS (Chlorine Dioxide)


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4 years ago and almost no-one has heard of is since...

It's like Melaleuca, good product but only sold from home to home or specialty stores.

You cite a great, awesome recovery story on how it works in the very last part of your story FOR A DOG!! Now thats really nice but I don't really take ketamine either.

DMSO has been proven for multiple health benefits going back to 1963 but the FDA denied that for the same reason.

47 YEARS?!?!? If it is really this good why can't I go down to the local store and at least pick it up from like the pharmacy over the counter area?

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Quakery. Real medical science doesn't use these types of channels to get products out.

Did you even bother to view the PubMed entries?

Chlorine Dioxide has been proven yet denied by the FDA because it cannot be patented and therefore not profited from.

So you're saying that the FDA laws have been rigged by medicinal companies! :realmad:

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Chlorine Dioxide has been proven yet denied by the FDA because it cannot be patented and therefore not profited from.

Chlorine Dioxide is not the only chemical to be denied by the FDA for this reason.

1) FDA does allow use of Chlorine Dioxide in food stuffs. Up to 5 PPM in some cases. (1 ppm Drinking water) Certain types of food-stuffs are excluded, fruits/vegetables in specific can only be washed/rinsed in Chlorine Dioxide if they are unbroken/unpeeled/un-husked.

2) In fact, if you are a US Citizen, your tap/drinking water from most major cities has contained and been purified using Chlorine Dioxide since the 1950's.

3) The reason why people in Africa become healthier after drinking purified water for the first time is obvious, if you go from drinking polluted water, and then switch to non-contaminated water, your body no longer has to fight the additional water based diseases.

Cryptosporidium, and other water borne virus/disease/protozoa have a harder time living in water that is treated with Chlorine Dioxide. It is possible that an AIDS patient also suffering the dual-effects of Cryptosporidium (a combination that is usually fatal in Africa), would seem cured after the Cryptosporidium infestation goes away. They are no longer bed-ridden and can resume their lives, but likely still have AIDS and or a compromised immune system. I do not believe for a second that this is any more of a miracle cure than it was in the 1950's for America when water quality levels improved across the nation.

Anyone who has played Oregon Trail can attest to the diseases that were present in America before clean water become commonplace. You do not hear any outbreaks of Dysentery being reported on the news anymore, many water borne diseases can be prevented by clean drinking water.

EDIT: Probably the most limiting factor in mass production of Chlorine Dioxide is it's reactive nature, when I say reactive, I mean that in the NFPA sense (it has an explosive reaction if you follow my meaning)

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