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Scanned old photos with date?

Mark Vaara

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I have noticed a very strange thing while browsing my scanned old photos with Windows Photo Gallery (Vista). Even photos from 40 - 50:s there are visible dates and times even though I have not put them, and they seem to be almost true! For example my old confirmation school photo, the date is exactly true, the time something like it is. See link:

http://cid-ba405a82cd4bc318.skydrive.live....utukaappaus.jpg The link is in Finnish.

Now I am wondering :blink::unsure: where those dates and times come from? Is Windows Photo Gallery so clever? Or scanner? Who know?

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?A watermark embedded in the original that the scanner picks up? If so, then it must be an option in the scan software...

The scanner is Epson Pefection 1260. Pictures have been scanned about 4 years ago, then the OS was XP, scanner driver, as additional scan software Epson SmartPanel.

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What does the EXIF data say?

The EXIF data says: the date, the software edited with, the file information. There are no hardware information. But I noticed all old photos with date there are Adobe Photoshop Elements as editing software. Propably I have scanned those photos via PSE? Now I have PaintShopPro X2 and Paint.Net on my computer. The PSE is version 3 and it is not good with Vista.

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