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  1. The EXIF data says: the date, the software edited with, the file information. There are no hardware information. But I noticed all old photos with date there are Adobe Photoshop Elements as editing software. Propably I have scanned those photos via PSE? Now I have PaintShopPro X2 and Paint.Net on my computer. The PSE is version 3 and it is not good with Vista.
  2. The scanner is Epson Pefection 1260. Pictures have been scanned about 4 years ago, then the OS was XP, scanner driver, as additional scan software Epson SmartPanel.
  3. Hi! I have noticed a very strange thing while browsing my scanned old photos with Windows Photo Gallery (Vista). Even photos from 40 - 50:s there are visible dates and times even though I have not put them, and they seem to be almost true! For example my old confirmation school photo, the date is exactly true, the time something like it is. See link: http://cid-ba405a82cd4bc318.skydrive.live....utukaappaus.jpg The link is in Finnish. Now I am wondering where those dates and times come from? Is Windows Photo Gallery so clever? Or scanner? Who know?
  4. Hi! I have installed two Vista: Partition C: The one I use on my work Partition D: for testing purposes. Both are installed with the same installing disk and same Product Key. Is it legal to activate both?
  5. Hi! I am going to vLite my Win7 RC. Originally it is English version, and I have installed Finnish language pack in it. Before I download the AIK, I´d like to know should I download English or Finnish AIK? Mark
  6. The problem solved! I changed for temporary folder C:\Windows\Temp in Windows and restarted the computer. Usually I used to as temporary folder E:\Temp
  7. Thanks for interest! "what's your temp folder? " I have tried various temp folders, such like C:\Temp, D:\Temp, E:\Temp, C:\Windows\Temp and so on. And for Windows installation files many folder varations too. All variations gives the same message. My computers are not networked. Here some information about my desktop computer. It is in Finnish, I hope you can get something from it. Käyttöjärjestelmä Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium Versio 6.0.6000 Koontikäännös 6000 Muu käyttöjärjestelmäkuvaus Ei käytettävissä Käyttöjärjestelmän valmistaja Microsoft Corporation Järjestelmän nimi TIETOKONE Järjestelmän toimittaja MICRO-STAR INTERANTIONAL CO.,LTD Järjestelmän malli MS-7367 Järjestelmän tyyppi X86-based PC Suoritin AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+, 2194 Mhz, 2 ydin(tä), 2 loogista suoritinta BIOS-versio/päiväys American Megatrends Inc. V3.0, 6.6.2007 SMBIOS-versio 2.5 Windows-hakemisto C:\Windows Järjestelmähakemisto C:\Windows\system32 Käynnistyslaite \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Lokaali Suomi HAL-taso Versio = "6.0.6000.16386" Käyttäjänimi Tietokone\Mark Aikavyöhyke Suomen kesäaika Fyysistä muistia yhteensä 2 046,81 Mt Fyysistä muistia vapaana 1,07 Gt Näennäismuistia yhteensä 1,92 Gt Näennäismuistia vapaana 1,02 Gt Sivutustiedoston tila ,00 kt
  8. After copying Vista installation files from DVD to a folder and selecting the Vista version (Home Premium) I get allways an Error message: Mounting image error. Make sure that your temporary folder in Options is not a networked drive. Try restarting the computer and see if that helps. -Code: -1052638943 I have tried on two computer (desktop and laptop) and both gives the same message. What can I do?

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