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I never used to get this from Adobe and now I do


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I went to download some newer flash update.. and it never fell through.. something wouldnt connect

but now I get this ADOBE DLM pop up that i have to accept or cancel to continue when i open new pages

i try to take a screenshot but it wont take one from that screen


USER ACCOUNT CONTROL is the box it pops up in

A program you started needs to continue

To continue please press continue or cancel


Adobe Corporations


reads something similar to that i cant remember it all

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Its a new feature on Adobe's website to download or install software. I agree, its quite annoying. Not only do you need to accept it, you also may have to add adobe.com into your browser's exception list or into the Trusted Sites. Otherwise, the download or install fails around 90%. I really hate it, but what are you gonna do?

On the download page, it even has an instructions for Firefox users but it does not always work.

If you can't get DLM to work properly, you MAY be able to find it on ftp.adobe.com. It still allows Anonymous connections, but it doesn't have everything that is available on the website.

I'm going to move this to Software Hangout, as it is a topic about Adobe's website. It is not specific to OS or Browser.

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Go into your add-remove programs or whatever it's called in Vista/7 and remove that crap. Adobe Download Manager isnt needed to install flash.

Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and download the standalone installers. There's one for Firefox and the Activex one for Chrome, IE, etc. Click the link "Different operating system or browser?" to select which installer you want.

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