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How to install Windows Components in Unattended (2003)

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I searched the whole topics for this before opening this topic.

Any one knows a solution to automaticaly install the server components like (DNS, IIS) in unattend mode?

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You edit WINNT.SIF with the "Component" you want turned on/off

AccessOpt = on ; accessibility wizard
Calc = on ; calculator
CertSrv = off ; certificate services compontents of the certificate server
CertSrv_Client = off ; web client components of the certificate server
CertSrv_Server = off ; server components of the certificate server
CharMap = off ; enables insertion of symbols and characters into documents
Chat = on ; chat client
Clipbook = on ; clipboard viewer
Complusnetwork = off ; COM+ network access
DeskPaper = on ; desktop wallpaper
Dialer = on ; phone dialer
Dtcnetwork = off ; DTC network access
Fax = on ; Fax components
fp_extensions = off ; Front Pager Extensions
fp_vdir_deploy = off ; Visual Interdev RAD remote deployment
freecell = off ; freecell game
hearts = off ; hearts game
hypertrm = on ; hyperterm
IEAccess = on ; installs visible entry points (shortcuts) for IE
IEHardenAdmin = off ; harden IE for administrators, power users
IEHardenUser = off ; harden IE for users
Iis_Common = off ; common set of files needed by internet information services
Iis_Ftp = off ; ftp service
Iis_Htmla = off ; html based administration tools for iis
Iis_Inetmgr = off ; microsoft management console based administration tools for iis
iis_nntp = off ; NNTP server.
iis_nntp_docs = off ; NNTP server docs.
iis_pwmgr = off ; personal web manager, valid only for w2k professional
iis_smtp = off ; SMTP server.
iis_smtp_docs = off ; SMTP server docs.
iis_www = off ; www service
iis_www_vdir_printers = off ; Web printing components
iis_www_vdir_terminalService = off ; Installs terminal Services Active X control into the virtual directory
IisDbg = on ; script debugger
indexsrv_system = off ; indexing services, requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, iis_www and com = on
inetprint = off ; internet printing, requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, and iis_www
LicenseServer = off ; Disable Terminal Services licensing.
media_clips = on ; Sample Sounds
Media_Utopia = on ; utopia sound scheme
minesweeper = off ; game
mousepoint = off ; mouse pointers
Mplay = on ; Windows media player
msmq_ADIntegrated = off ; Integrates MSMQ into AD
msmq_Core = off ; MSMQ core components
msmq_HTTPSupport = off ; Enables MSMQ to use HTTP
msmq_LocalStorage = off ; Allows messages to be stored locally
msmq_MQDSService = off ; Provides AD and site recognition
msmq_RoutingSupport = off ; Provides MSMQ routing
msmq_TriggerService = off ; associates message arrival with com objects
msnexplr = off ; Installs MSN Explorer
MsWordPad = on ; Word Pad
NetCis = off ; microsoft com internet services, requires iis_common, iis_inetmgr, iis_www and com = on
NetOc = on ; additional optional networking components, requires [NetOptionalComponents] section
ObjectPkg = off ; object packager
OEAccess = off ; hide Outlook Express icons
Paint = on ; MS Paint
pinball = off ; game
rec = on ; sound recorder
reminst = off ; remote installation services
rootautoupdate = on ; OCM update root certificates
RStorage = off ; remote storage services enable the use of tape libraries as extensions of ntfs volumes
solitaire = off ; Solitaire game
spider = off ; spider game
Templates = on ; document templates
TerminalServer = off ; Installs Terminal Services on SERVERs only
TsClients = off ; if TsEnable = On then tsClient files for creating client disks, appx 10MB
TsWebClient = off ; Installs the ActiveX component for terminal services. requires IIS
vol = on ; volume control
wmaccess = on ; show Windows Messenger shortcuts
wmPOCM = on ; show Windows Media Player shortcuts
Wms = off ; windows media technologies components
Wms_Admin_asp = off ; windows media technologies server administration tools web components
wms_admin_mmc=off ; Windows Media MMC snap in
Wms_Server = off ; windows media technologies server, requires Wms_Admin
zonegames = off ; Installs MS Game Zone internet games

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Very good staff.

I still have two questions:

1- What about DNS?

2- What about IIS Server components, i can see there "iis_www" but would allow for IIS automatic install?

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