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  1. Directly after I finish with Winnt32.exe and restart WINPE to get to TXT Setup Also, i tried to format C: and D: then using winnt32.exe from PE to setup XP onto D: I got the error when computer restarts. I Load PE again to check the partitions and i found the following: 1- ( C ) drive is totaly empty, no files found even hidden.. 2- (D) drive has $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS along with some files on the root. BTW, in PStart, what the command line for installing VISTA will be and how you'll organize the files on USB?
  2. WOWWWWWWWWWWW Very good staff. I still have two questions: 1- What about DNS? 2- What about IIS Server components, i can see there "iis_www" but would allow for IIS automatic install?
  3. I searched the whole topics for this before opening this topic. Any one knows a solution to automaticaly install the server components like (DNS, IIS) in unattend mode?
  4. changes is in bold you will find this in xp2003.cmd please report if this worked for you regards I already tried this before reporting, still failed, windows wouldn't even boot with HALL Error As i mentioned already, there are some steps missing in this particular case. If any member success in this case, please report here with procedure. May be we need to copy some files to the ROOT of drive C even we are installing into any other drive...
  5. @Bishooman Thank you for your good IDEA. Unfortunately, failed to install windows XPSP3 to any drive other than C: (with or without updating the diskpart.ini). only success with C: drive. here is my problem with D: drive 1- I updated diskpart as following but (active) command wouldn't work and when restart after WINNT32 PC is not booting and giving HALL error: sel disk 0 sel par 2 active format fs=ntfs quick assign letter=d 2- Even i didn't use diskpart, the same result. 3- There might be some files missing that should be in root of D or C drive before booting. 4- Also, Fixboot.reg failed to be mapped to registry, i found the same key in another place in registry but not under (winpe) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Winpe\ControlSet001\Services\vds\Alignment] and even updated that key manually, still failed after reboot. please help.
  6. Sorry for double post which i don't mean it. i don't know that "Solved" means not to comment on it anymore. sorry again...............
  7. @jaclaz this is just wondring how it works with him, but i realize that 'zaharmd' is using 2GB stick. anyhow, this is the original post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=894525 if you remember you helped me there too much but unfortunately, i got the blink cursor. i used USB_MULTIBOOT_10 as usual with it's HP format tool
  8. But, why it doesn't like to work with me on HP500 and HP530 using 8GB Stick "Kingston Data Traveller 120"
  9. Sorry Again, I don't know what is going on. My Stick kingstone data traveller 120 8GB is giving blank screen with blinking cursor when used with HP530 and HP500 labtops just after choosing the TXT mode option from Boot.ini. the Stick boots fine with GRUB, chainloading to NTLDR is OK, but once choosen to go with TXT mode, Blinking cursor appear. i did many research and i got to know that HP equipment is the cause in this case. am I right? is there any solution or i have to create 2 partitions (2 & 6 GB)?
  10. No, they did change, i updated the post you may mean the SDs
  11. Hi jaclaz, it is OK now displaying the ParentIdPrefix without the trailing &
  12. Actualy, i have two SD cards, 2gb and 4gb also, i have 4 Sticks, 512mg, 1gb, 4gb and 8gb all tests done using (SD 2 and 4gb)(Sticks 2 and 8gb) I used them all now in this windows so the results will be FULL when i run "history" and "devcon" now i'll attach the requested information NEW Windows history --> usb_history_NEW_.txt devcon results --> devcon_NEW_.txt migrate.inf for SD2 --> MIGRATE_NEW__SD2_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD2 --> "7&24e8d74f&0" migrate.inf for SD4 --> MIGRATE_NEW__SD4_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD4 --> "7&24e8d74f&0" migrate.inf for STICK2 --> MIGRATE_NEW__STICK2GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK2 --> "7&2ba01341&0" migrate.inf for STICK8 --> MIGRATE_NEW__STICK8GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK8 --> "7&d825748&0&" OLD Windows will reboot using old windows, then attach the following history --> usb_history_old.txt devcon results --> devcon_OLD_.txt migrate.inf for SD2 --> MIGRATE_OLD__SD2_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD2 --> "7&d7f206a&0&" migrate.inf for SD4 --> MIGRATE_OLD__SD4_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD4 --> "7&d7f206a&0&" migrate.inf for STICK2 --> MIGRATE_OLD__STICK2GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK2 --> "7&2ba01341&0" migrate.inf for STICK8 --> MIGRATE_OLD__STICK8GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK8 --> "7&d825748&0&" wondering why the "ParentIdPrefix" for SD2GB is always same as SD4GB while the "ParentIdPrefix" for STICK2GB is not the same as STICK8GB although the STICKS are from the same vendor(KINGSTON) as the SDs?
  13. ****GENTS**** I TRIED IT NOW SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS Thanks cdob --> your idea wad ideal. Thanks jaclaz --> your batch file was amazing tool. Thanks ilko --> you are the first one who mentioned about the ParentIdPrefix Thanks wimb --> Good explanation & tools. Thanks MSFN --> i learn MANY THINGS NEW. I think this is the time for MEM_ISO_LOADED, Why a blank Screen?
  14. Thanks jaclaz. I used it now and gives me the same results as above: 7&d825748&0& 7&24e8d74f&0 but wondering, why the first generated has "&0&" at the end? i was expecting "&0" only
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