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  1. Directly after I finish with Winnt32.exe and restart WINPE to get to TXT Setup Also, i tried to format C: and D: then using winnt32.exe from PE to setup XP onto D: I got the error when computer restarts. I Load PE again to check the partitions and i found the following: 1- ( C ) drive is totaly empty, no files found even hidden.. 2- (D) drive has $WIN_NT$.~BT and $WIN_NT$.~LS along with some files on the root. BTW, in PStart, what the command line for installing VISTA will be and how you'll organize the files on USB?
  2. WOWWWWWWWWWWW Very good staff. I still have two questions: 1- What about DNS? 2- What about IIS Server components, i can see there "iis_www" but would allow for IIS automatic install?
  3. I searched the whole topics for this before opening this topic. Any one knows a solution to automaticaly install the server components like (DNS, IIS) in unattend mode?
  4. changes is in bold you will find this in xp2003.cmd please report if this worked for you regards I already tried this before reporting, still failed, windows wouldn't even boot with HALL Error As i mentioned already, there are some steps missing in this particular case. If any member success in this case, please report here with procedure. May be we need to copy some files to the ROOT of drive C even we are installing into any other drive...
  5. @Bishooman Thank you for your good IDEA. Unfortunately, failed to install windows XPSP3 to any drive other than C: (with or without updating the diskpart.ini). only success with C: drive. here is my problem with D: drive 1- I updated diskpart as following but (active) command wouldn't work and when restart after WINNT32 PC is not booting and giving HALL error: sel disk 0 sel par 2 active format fs=ntfs quick assign letter=d 2- Even i didn't use diskpart, the same result. 3- There might be some files missing that should be in root of D or C drive before booting. 4- Also, Fixboot.reg failed to be mapped to registry, i found the same key in another place in registry but not under (winpe) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Winpe\ControlSet001\Services\vds\Alignment] and even updated that key manually, still failed after reboot. please help.
  6. Sorry for double post which i don't mean it. i don't know that "Solved" means not to comment on it anymore. sorry again...............
  7. @jaclaz this is just wondring how it works with him, but i realize that 'zaharmd' is using 2GB stick. anyhow, this is the original post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=894525 if you remember you helped me there too much but unfortunately, i got the blink cursor. i used USB_MULTIBOOT_10 as usual with it's HP format tool
  8. But, why it doesn't like to work with me on HP500 and HP530 using 8GB Stick "Kingston Data Traveller 120"
  9. Sorry Again, I don't know what is going on. My Stick kingstone data traveller 120 8GB is giving blank screen with blinking cursor when used with HP530 and HP500 labtops just after choosing the TXT mode option from Boot.ini. the Stick boots fine with GRUB, chainloading to NTLDR is OK, but once choosen to go with TXT mode, Blinking cursor appear. i did many research and i got to know that HP equipment is the cause in this case. am I right? is there any solution or i have to create 2 partitions (2 & 6 GB)?
  10. No, they did change, i updated the post you may mean the SDs
  11. Hi jaclaz, it is OK now displaying the ParentIdPrefix without the trailing &
  12. Actualy, i have two SD cards, 2gb and 4gb also, i have 4 Sticks, 512mg, 1gb, 4gb and 8gb all tests done using (SD 2 and 4gb)(Sticks 2 and 8gb) I used them all now in this windows so the results will be FULL when i run "history" and "devcon" now i'll attach the requested information NEW Windows history --> usb_history_NEW_.txt devcon results --> devcon_NEW_.txt migrate.inf for SD2 --> MIGRATE_NEW__SD2_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD2 --> "7&24e8d74f&0" migrate.inf for SD4 --> MIGRATE_NEW__SD4_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD4 --> "7&24e8d74f&0" migrate.inf for STICK2 --> MIGRATE_NEW__STICK2GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK2 --> "7&2ba01341&0" migrate.inf for STICK8 --> MIGRATE_NEW__STICK8GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK8 --> "7&d825748&0&" OLD Windows will reboot using old windows, then attach the following history --> usb_history_old.txt devcon results --> devcon_OLD_.txt migrate.inf for SD2 --> MIGRATE_OLD__SD2_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD2 --> "7&d7f206a&0&" migrate.inf for SD4 --> MIGRATE_OLD__SD4_.INF ParentIdPrefix SD4 --> "7&d7f206a&0&" migrate.inf for STICK2 --> MIGRATE_OLD__STICK2GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK2 --> "7&2ba01341&0" migrate.inf for STICK8 --> MIGRATE_OLD__STICK8GB_.INF ParentIdPrefix STICK8 --> "7&d825748&0&" wondering why the "ParentIdPrefix" for SD2GB is always same as SD4GB while the "ParentIdPrefix" for STICK2GB is not the same as STICK8GB although the STICKS are from the same vendor(KINGSTON) as the SDs?
  13. ****GENTS**** I TRIED IT NOW SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS Thanks cdob --> your idea wad ideal. Thanks jaclaz --> your batch file was amazing tool. Thanks ilko --> you are the first one who mentioned about the ParentIdPrefix Thanks wimb --> Good explanation & tools. Thanks MSFN --> i learn MANY THINGS NEW. I think this is the time for MEM_ISO_LOADED, Why a blank Screen?
  14. Thanks jaclaz. I used it now and gives me the same results as above: 7&d825748&0& 7&24e8d74f&0 but wondering, why the first generated has "&0&" at the end? i was expecting "&0" only
  15. Previous topic updated. another details added. attachment was wrong -> updated
  16. A NON windows default driver is used. This driver cause a ParentIdPrefix.A windows default driver may cause a different ParentIdPrefix. Or the same. Currently at textmode setup default drivers are used. Can you confirm: open device manager, change view per connection. Is the SD card connected to this Realtek Card Reader(0159)? Can you make another XP installation? Remove the Realtek Card Reader(0159) driver (rename RTS5121.inf RTS5121.inf.txt). Install XP again. Which driver and ParentIdPrefix goes now to USB\VID_0BDA&PID_0159 ? I'm writing this now from another windows installed on Acer5738 without Card Reader drivers. 1- set Hard disk mode to IDE (not sata mode). 2- create a nLite setup files not included any TXT drivers. 3- injected all drivers required with nLite except Card reader PNP drivers. 4- prepare ISO from the nLite output setup files. 5- purn the ISO file to DVD. 6- Remove any sticks/SD from USB/Built in card reader. 7- Reboot the Acer5738 from DVD. 8- Setup windows normaly on drive D: (Second partition). zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 9- once windows setup successful, i put the two batch files on the SD and run them from there........ 10- GOT ANOTHER "ParentIdPrefix" (7&24e8d74f&) without 0 at the end (attachment1).MIGRATE.INF 11- I run the usbhistory (attached results1). usb_history.txt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 12- I put the two batch files on the 8GB stick and run them from there (attachment2). 13- GOT ANOTHER "ParentIdPrefix" (7&d825748&0)(attachment2).migrate1.inf 14- I run the usbhistory (attached results2).usb_history1.txt 15- I run "devcon.exe driverfiles * > devcon.txt" attached. devcon.txt do i have to use this migrate.inf (attachment2) from now on for any setup run from stick? do i have to use this migrate.inf (attachment1) from now on for any setup run from SD? then, can i re-inject the realtek drivers to the windows setup again then copying the suitable migrate without any problem or i have to forget about them for ever? do i have to generate separate "migrate.inf" for each "stick/SD" or for each USB port (i.e. when connecting stick to usb(1) --> i have to generate a "migrate.inf", when connecting the same stick to usb(2) --> i have to generate another "migrate.inf"?
  17. @ cdob sorry, i run devcon while SD card not in the Reader. i inserted the SD card and run the devcon again. here is the correct attachement devcon.txt My suggesion: As jaclaz mentioned, it is something related to Bios or it is due to mising some OEM drivers not yet released by Acer for the subject controler through F6 if this is the case, so we are looking for some seniors to develop such drivers or waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  18. Here is the point you are missing. You can properly format a USB stick ONLY AFTER the HP utility (or other utility) PARTITIONED it at least once. Quick guide: usually (read ALWAYS) sticks are ONLY formatted (NOT partitioned) as a superfloppy device usually (read ALWAYS) sticks are set as "Removable", thus Windows WON'T partition them once a MBR and a partition table is written to the stick by one of the utilities, Windows will read them and will allow formatting the Volume in the Partition table (as opposed as formatting the whole stick as superfloppy) jaclaz aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that's means HP Format Tools Should run FIRST and ONCE then we can deal with the Stick after ward. So, no need to run it each time i'm running "Multi boot 10"
  19. Yes Actually, i expected this question long time ago as i thought something wrong with it but when i used the same setup files with Stick 2 GB, everything went fine. The Answers: 1- Yes, i used Custom drivers supplied by Acer. 2- I added the drivers by nLite through it's drivers injection function. 3- I'm only adding SATA Drivers as Text mode from nLite 4- Realtek Card Reader drivers added as PNP not Text Mode. attached results. devcon.txt Yes, i tried Not to install Realtek and windows still see the SD Didn't try yet I don't know weither Windows is using this driver right now or not. as i mentioned before Device Manager not listed any Realtek
  20. @jaclaz i tried your last Batch update, and i got the same ParentIdPrefix which is: 7&d7f206a&0
  21. @ cdob Which laptop give this result? Acer5738 Can you run usbHistory.exe at both laptops? i'm attaching the results usb_history.txt for AsusEee, the ParentIdPrefix is : 7&49cb960&0 for Acer5738, still the same as before (No change). Is this a external USB card device? this is built in Card reader Did you used one SD card at two different Card devices? Yes, the SD card loaded windows setup files and used in Asus then acer5738 Try one migrate.inf for the "AsusEee" and another migrate.inf for the "Acer5738" I did (got U: in Asus) (got D: in Asus). Yes, a BIOS update is recommended i already got that notice from Acer web site and updated my bios since 2 weeks although my labtop's serial number is not a one of the infected labtops. Which OS do you use at "Acer5738" currently, XP, Vista or other? ONLY XP.
  22. Nothing more than Format the Stick because if i use Windows format and ignored this step, things will be the same.
  23. I didn't went thru the code for this batch file yet, i'm currently prepare the reply for your Questions and the Questions for cdob along with testing the all possible cases on both (Acer5738 and AsusEee) because they are the only labtops having Built in card reader.
  24. I already did a similar case before in order for me to test more cases and to be ready for any time to install XP SP2/3 on any labtop/PC using different possible solution (Stick/SD). So, your suggesion is acceptable and can help in case (IF I JUST WANT TO INSTALL A WINDOWS XP). But what i wanted to do is to try a new way for having Setup files applicable from any where to any where, hence i got the 'MULTIBOOT_USB_10" and i was so happy to play with it on my all labtops, but unfortunately, when i tried to install using Sticks/SD with it, I chocked with the results and i'm trying with all of you to come over that.
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